Monday, February 17, 2020

Training for the HC15K

Uggggg I think I forgot how to run!! I am seriously on the struggle bus. It's been so cold and I've been so sleepy!! 

I hope I can kick it into gear! In 2019 I ran 1,285 miles!!!! It was a killer year for me!! The very best yet!! 

And then the wheels fell off...

So far this year I have run only 19 miles in January and will probably finish February about the same!!

I am soooo glad I have the Hot Chocolate 15K in Charlotte coming up. Having this on my calendar makes me get out of the door at least most of the time!!

Hot Chocolate Races really are my favorites. I love the 15k distance so much! It's a challenge but totally doable!! 

Who else is running it? Want to join me? Use code “BRHCCharlotte19” on posts and add to your blog discount page. This code is good for a Free Hot Chocolate Running Hat!!

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