Monday, August 12, 2019

Summer Running… Yuck!

I’m over it! I am ready for fall. Summer has made me sleepier than normal and hot. I don’t think I enjoy summer running at all. 

June was better than July and July was way better than August has been thus far lol!

I also can’t decide if I love or loathe this run streak either. I don’t want to run right now and so I loathe it but I know that if it weren’t for the streak I would not be running right now and so I think I love it lol!

The run streak has definitely has kept me accountable.  I can’t say I am killing my runs or even running much more than a mile a day but I am getting out there swimming, I mean running, through the thick humid summer air!

In June I managed to run 146 miles and 101 miles in July.  I am pretty happy with that! Last year I ran 54 miles in June and 74 miles in July, they were two of my lowest mileage months. Looks like I am trending lol!

I’ve been giving myself some grace. Since I am not really training for anything yet I am cutting myself some slack and just listen to my body and not push too hard or too far. 

I am super ready for fall though! Bring on the cool crisp running air!!

How do you stay cool on your summer runs? What’s the best summer running tip you have?

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