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Science in Sport Review - Fuel for the long run

Disclaimer: I received my Science In Sport Energy + Electrolye and Isotonic gels to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I am pretty religious about taking in fuel for my long runs every half hour. I have learned the hard way that I completely bonk if I fall behind in my fueling strategy. Essentially for a half marathon or longer I make sure that I follow that strategy to a T! I have it down to a science and when I tried out Sports In Science I'd say that so do they!

I was super excited to get to try out the Science In Sport Energy Gels.

I kinda wish I had started trying out SIS before I ran the Black Mountain Monster! I feel like the double espresso might have bumped me up in place lol!!

I had the opportunity to try out the GO Isotonic Energy Gel : Apple, GO Energy + Electrolyte: Salted Strawberry and Lemon Mint and the GO Energy Double Caffeine: Double Espresso. They have a slew of other flavors so be sure to check them all out!! 

In testing out these products I have also done some extra research on electrolyte and fueling and interestingly enough I have listened to several podcasts lately that all were discussing fueling for the long run. I love it when the universe aligns like this! Many nutritional experts also recommend following my same strategy for fueling, in taking 100 calories every 30 minutes for long runs. The thing that I have learned that I didn't realize is that the fuel is not processed the same way food is when you are eating a normal meal for example. The product, rather than being digested, is absorbed to provide you with the quick energy response you need for your endurance activity. Makes sense!! So the easier the product is on your stomach the better! 

The product is different that a traditional gel. It's hard for me to call SIS a gel. The product is not thick and gel like really at all. The consistency is thinner and more drinkable than a gel. Gels that you typically pick up at your local sporting good store are thick and require more of an active swallow to get them down whereas the SIS product goes down a bit more smoothly like a liquid. 

I was a little worried on the flavor options I had to try because I always select the chocolate/vanilla type flavors over the fruit flavors of gels. I will for sure be ordering those flavors to give them a try! I was however pleasantly surprised. The flavor of the products was great!! I of course had a couple of favorites so here is my personal preference in flavor in order:

GO Energy + Electrolyte: Salted Strawberry - SOOOOOOOO Good!!! Kind of like a strawberry margarita!!! Without the alcohol of course lol!! I'm some what of a saltaholic, which I know one day will get me, but still this one was my absolute favorite!! Salty and Sweet and hit the spot oh so perfectly!!

GO Energy Double Caffeine: Double Espresso: I also love coffee so this one I was sure would be a favorite! The package says to take 30 minutes before activity. I was worried I may have too much caffeine with my normal pre-run coffee so I waited and took this along for the run! I definitely knew when it kicked in!

GO Energy + Electrolyte: Lemon Mint : Super light and refreshing! 

GO Isotonic Energy Gel, Apple: Tasted like a non sour jolly rancher lol!! I am not a huge apple flavored things person, although I love apples, it's weird I know. It's the same way I love chocolate and cookies but not chocolate chip cookies lol!

With all of the energy products I felt that they were a great solution for meeting my fueling needs. When I shared that I was trying them I received lots of feedback from other runners that this is the product they use and love too!! 
I had absolutely no GI issues with the product and while the packets are larger than other gels they still fit perfectly in my hydration vest, handheld and skirt pockets!
If you are in search of a product that is easy on the tummy, packed with everything you need to fuel your next big endurance activity I suggest giving Science in Sport a try! Use code ‘TRYSIS25’ for 25% off!

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