Monday, April 29, 2019

Morning of Hope 5K Race Recap

Casting for Hope is a non profit organization that I was introduced to when my daughters got to High School. 

One of the teachers at their school was a founding member of the organization and the students at the school were big supporters. 

I learned how this organization was formed through a special bond between teacher and student as this student was faced with his mother's cancer diagnosis. 

As a mother this tugs hard at my heart. It is super sad for me that a child looses his mother. I however find myself empathizing with the mother that has to leave her child. I know that I never want to leave my children and my heart breaks for the mom who knows there is nothing she can do, she has fought as hard as she can but she must say good bye to the people she loves. I am sobbing as I think about it. 

I learned more how this young man found support and solace in fly fishing with his mentor and friend. I learned how through this bond they decided to make a difference in the lives of women and families faced with similar circumstances. Together they formed Casting for Hope. 

"Casting for Hope is committed to providing limited financial assistance to women in western North Carolina who are living with ovarian or other gynecological cancers.  But more than that, Casting for Hope is committed to attending to the emotional and spiritual needs of these same women and their families through fly-fishing retreats, fly-tying and rod-building clinics, and other avenues of personal and family re-creation. Our financial assistance focuses on women who are experiencing economic hardships due to treatment costs, while our retreat experiences serve women and their families and friends regardless of financial need. Retreats focus on emotional and spiritual healing in the out of doors, chasing trout with a fly rod, and experiencing comfort by running waters."

Casting for Hope does so much throughout the year and one of my favorite things is the Morning of Hope 5K.

This is one of my favorite 5Ks each year! This race begins with a beautiful Holy Saturday Sunrise Service and Communion. During the service we are reminded of the power and importance of Hope. Hope for tomorrow, Hope for a cure, Hope for the resurrection, Hope for change, Hope for so many things, Hope for whatever each person may be dealing with on this day or in days to come.  I always leave this race overwhelmed with emotion full of Hope and I have loved making this race a part of my Easter Weekend tradition.

The race is run entirely on the Greenway and I love our local Greenway. I love running along the river. It is an out and back and finishes near the park picnic shelter and park area. 

Participants receive a T-Shirt and this year a water bottle. 

I got to the race and planned to maintain a 9:30/9:40 pace. I then turned on my superpower, I hid my watch under my jacket sleeve.

The course is one I run often on the weekends so I was super familiar with it. It is beautiful and runs along the Catawba River. There is a wood boardwalk section that runs along the back side of an area of local buisness that is always super slippery. Aside from that the course is exceptional!

 I ran what I felt like running and I ended up with an average pace of 8:55/mile and I felt great!!

I ended up winning 4th Female Overall which was super exciting!!

I love this 5K and I look forward to it every year!

If you are ever in small town Morganton, NC over Easter I recommend you give it a run!

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