Monday, April 1, 2019

A closer look at The Closer Bra by Handful

Disclaimer: I received The Closer Bra by Handful to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I was super excited to test out The Closer Bra by Handful

Truth be told I haven't bought a new sports bra in who knows how long. Mine have been ok or so I thought...

I know that we are told a bra should never have a birthday but I love birthday's so I just naturally assumed my sports bras did too! 

I tend to wear the compression style that keep everything in it's place. You know the pull over your head and good luck getting off after a long run kind. I have one front zip bra that is my least favorite to wear. Mainly because it is has very oddly formed cups and messes with my natural shape and it is super thick with kind of itchy fabric. Another sad truth I still wore that bra because it was expensive and so I was not about to just get rid of it. Instead I'd wear it on my easy days or short run days. 

Another sad truth. I always, always, ALWAYS chafe at the band line around my chest.

I actually have a permanent scar there from the years of distance running and chafing. This does not occur on a three mile run but anything up over ten typically creates a not so pretty band that burns like you know what around my rib cage. 

I have tried almost all the anti chafe products too like Body Glide, Monkey Butt, Vaseline, to date the best thing I have personally found is A&D ointment but even still I chafe, not as bad with the A&D but still I do.

I received my Handful the week before my Asheville Marathon Weekend Challenge Races where I would run a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday. 

What better opportunity to really give the bra a test drive than that right?? 

Ok OK so I am a teeny bit superstitious, nothing new on race day, so I did throw it on for a one mile run that week before so it would no longer be "new".

The first time I wore it I knew this was something special. It is completely different than any of my other bras. The material is so smooth, literally like butter, and feels so good on!

The bra does come with removable pad/inserts and after the first mile run I decided I did not want those in. I am just not a big padding girl and the material was doubled in the front and so I felt that was sufficient for coverage.

I wore the Closer for the half marathon and I was absolutely amazed to find my self back at the hotel getting ready to shower with NO CHAFE AT ALL!!! Nothing at all, no line, no burn, no nothing!! 

I was so amazed that I decided to hand wash the bra, hang to dry and wear it again the next day for the full marathon!!

The next day I wore the bra for the full and I did experience a little chafe spot where the bottom of the zipper met my body. I do have to share though that the spot was about an inch long not the entire width of my chest (side to side) and that for the marathon I wore my hydration pack which was tightened to my chest and was the actual likely culprit of this rubbed spot. I did not have on my hydration pack for the half marathon. 

The zipper does have the added fabric to keep it from rubbing your chest however with my pack chest straps pulled taught I feel certain it made it so the bra did not move as naturally as it otherwise would have. 
Still to only have an inch spot as compared to an approximately 8" chafe line is a win for me!!

I absolutely love the front zip, it really makes a difference getting out of the bra after a hard workout!! 

For sizing I am a 34DD and typically wear a small or medium top. I opted for the Medium Bra and it is perfect!

I highly recommend the closer bra. This bra has quickly become a race must have for me!

I have actually already ordered another handful bra and am planning to phase out some of my older bras! My sports bra drawer is getting an upgrade!!

You can try out Handful too at an incredible discount! Use code "BIBRAVE" for 10% off!

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