Monday, March 18, 2019

The week before...

Whew! Last week flew by and I did not have anytime to post about my week in training before the Asheville Marathon Backyard to Vineyard Challenge

By the simple fact that I am writing this you know I survived it but I wanted to get my final week of training up before I share all about the weekend!!

The Monday before race weekend we did our usual one mile run and two mile walk with the pups! It’s nearly impossible to get a good picture. All the pups are in play/run/sniff mode!

Tuesday I was having all kinds of doubts. I think I had been in denial that I really was planning to run a half marathon on Saturday and then a full marathon on Sunday this weekend and a 50k the very next weekend... This just sounds crazy!! While there are moments I think “I can not possibly do this” there are other moments that I think “I know I CAN do this”! My only goal was to finish these races and enjoy the experience! It’s for sure would be crazy but it’s for sure would be fun! We knocked out 1 mile to keep our legs happy and to keep the streak.

On Wednesday we ran our humpday route, our last three miler before race weekend and finished strong with a plank as usual!

Thursday we had a short 1 mile run just to keep the streak and so our legs wouldn't forget what they were supposed to do on Saturday and Sunday at the Asheville Marathon and Half.

Friday was our last taper run before Asheville Marathon weekend and the Backyard to Vineyard Challenge. We ran one mile! Ready or not here we come! 

Stay tuned for the weekend recap!!


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