Monday, March 11, 2019

The foot bones connected to the heel bone...

Ahhhhhhh it's my last week before running this crazy challenge event at the Asheville Marathon. I can't discern if I am really excited or scared. Truthfully I'm feeling a bit of both! 

We wrapped up our second to last training week strong and stuck to our run streak!

Monday we got in our three miles with the pups! I’ve been feeling all sorts of twinges. My right Achilles Tendon was acting up on Monday. I decided I would take it easy, roll and take some anti inflammatory medicine in hopes that it would subside.

On Tuesday I was still feeling some twinges and taking it easy to make certain those twinges didn't become injuries. We opted for a one mile easy run. It also suddenly turned winter again! I’m so ready for spring!

We had fun on our Wednesday #humpday route. Both my knee and ankle were feeling ok. We suddenly realized we were only ten days out from the Asheville Marathon weekend!! I’m so excited to do this crazy challenge! Never in a million years would I have imagined I’d be doing this...

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” ~ Henry Ford 

I took it easy Thursday on hill repeats because I was still trying to sort out my nagging ankle, Achilles, knee, hip thing. I was feeling better than I did on Monday but it was still there. I tried to focus on stretching and rolling.

We had a surprise snow on our Friday mornings easy three miler through town. I love seeing the snow fall it’s magical like glitter falling from the sky. While I am ready for spring I don't mind the snow! We finished our run with a plank as per the usual and I enjoyed some supported yoga to stretch out once I was home..

Saturday was our last long run before Asheville Marathon. We took it easy for ten trail miles to keep our legs happy! We are also prepping for the Tanawha Adventures Fonta Flora 50K the following weekend! 

It’s so much fun running trails with friends! 

We wrapped up the week with a three mile run on Sunday! 

One week left of this crazy training cycle!! I am ready to get these races in the books!

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