Sunday, March 10, 2019

Running with LeRoy

Disclaimer: I received a Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner™  to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Can I just tell you that I absolutely LOVE my marathon training plan. (Talk to me after the marathon and I will let you know how well it worked lol!)

My running buddy and I have refined it over the last several months and I really feel it is near perfect! Since January we have been doing a run streak. Nothing crazy just making sure to run at least 1 mile each day. I originally thought I would just do it through January but here we are in March and the streak is still alive and well!

I love the streak because I feel a bigger pull to go run on those mornings when I'm just not feeling it. By giving myself the grace of needing to "only get a mile" I have found that getting out the door in the mornings is so much easier than when I gave myself the option of going back to bed.   

In an effort to still have an easy/rest day we opted for Monday's to be a light day. We bring our puppies and run one mile then walk two.  The one mile run with them consists of a lot of fartlek type running. There will be sudden burst of full speed running if we see a bunny, then some super slow running as we sniff all the shrubs along the course. Ha! 

I had the opportunity to test out the Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner™  which is a hands free leash and I absolutely love it! 

LeRoy was super excited to receive a package in the mail!! Goodness he's so cute!!

LeRoy is a one year old Havanese and he is a little persnickity around others so I really have enjoyed getting him out around other people and other dogs on our Monday morning runs.

I love having being able to run with LeRoy hands free. 

Stunt Puppy has a waist belt that I snap on which is fully adjustable and the leash then extends and hooks to LeRoy's harness. 

I will say walking a pup with a harness is way better than with a collar. My puppy otherwise can try running so hard that he will put too much strain on his neck. (Stunt Puppy has some super cute options by the way!!)

I think one feature that sets this leash apart from other hands free leashes is the swivel design at the buckle/clasp!  It is so easy to hook and un hook and swivels around so less tangles! I also used the  super-lightweight Stunt Runner™ while I puppy sat Tate. 

He loved the run so much he was literally running circles around me.

The leash also has a bungee design which keeps me from feeling jerky on the run and keeps my running gait normal. It also absorbs the changes in speed and direction and allows LeRoy to run how he wants to as well. He can run a little ahead or a little behind. 

I can also easily use this leash as a regular leash for taking him out to potty. I just use the waist band as the handle. 

Stunt Puppy is a must have for runners or walkers. They have so many other fun things for your best little buddy! I suggest you check them out! 

LeRoy is a Stunt Puppy Runner for life!

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