Monday, March 4, 2019

Do it for the love...

Less than two weeks until Marathon weekend!!! Let the taper craziness begin!! 

I hate the taper. I actually do not fully support the taper and so instead I do a modified taper. The first time I trained for anything was my first half marathon, the Diva's Half in Myrtle Beach. After that I trained for my first Asheville Half Marathon. That year we did a full two week taper and by the time the race weekend arrived I felt like I had forgotten how to run! Since then I tend to not really taper for the half marathon aside from maybe going easier on the weekday runs and this time for the marathon I planned a modified taper. My plan was to run 20 miles on this past Saturday (two weeks out from the races) and 12 miles on Sunday. I planned to then scale back next weekend (the weekend before the race) and run 13 miles Saturday and 3 miles on Sunday. I will play around with distance and pace through these next two weeks to stay in good running condition but not over trained. 

Things did not go exactly as planned last week.

On Monday we did our puppy fartlek run... These pups run at the speed of light for a few seconds to chase each other then run super slow to smell all the smells! We got in three miles running one and walking two.

Tuesday we knocked out three miles and afterward realized our conversational pace had increased. I seriously thought with all that chatting we did we would be minutes slower on that run. Sometimes not checking my watch is the best thing I can do! I was pleasantly surprised! 

I love running so much now that I don't take it so seriously! I love doing for the love and not for any other reason! We always remember to play! Wednesday we got in our humpday three miler and finished strong with a plank and some dinosaur ridding lol!

Then on Thursday the grey cloud showed up and brought doom and gloom... I felt pretty good on the first mile of the run but then noticed a twinge on the outside of my knee so I took the next mile easy and then tried to walk it out for another half mile. The fret ensued.... I’m sooooo close to these two BIG race events so there is no time for this at all!! I spent a little time after I got home doing some supervised yoga lol and I’m gonna spend a lot of time over the next couple of weeks with my foam roller!

I was super excited to check out my February Mileage. It’s been snowy, rainy, hot cold, icy, rainy and did I mention rainy this month!! Through this short, crazy weathered month I’ve still loaded up on a lot of miles chasing down these big upcoming races!! March is gonna be fun!! I hope it’s also sunny!

Friday we decided to bring the dogs again. I had Madie's pup for the weekend and he needed to get some energy out! Tate is an English Springer Spaniel and he literally ran circles around me!

Then on Saturday I totally bailed on my last planned 20 miler for the Asheville Marathon. I was still puppy sitting Tate and he was extra needy Saturday morning and I was feeling extra guilty about leaving him so I took him out for 6 miles instead. I am pretty worried about skipping that 20 miler even though most people won't do a 20 miler that close to the marathon. It was in my plan and I didn't do it so I'm kind of freaking out! Luckily I have logged three 18 milers and one 20 miler already as part of my training plan so hopefully all is not lost... Tate loved the run so much and then we came home and snuggled with LeRoy for the rest of the day! 

Sunday I felt great on our twelve mile run all over town and am so looking forward to our races. 

I am still nervous about my twinges. What started at my knee has worked its way down to my Achilles tendon and foot! Uggggg... I would appreciate all the good vibes if you would send them! 

Surely it's just the "Taper Crazies". Right??

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