Monday, February 25, 2019

If you want the rainbow...

Well we are three weeks out from the Asheville Marathon's Backyard to Vineyard Challenge!! Really only three work weeks and two weekends left of training! 

This week has been N.O.N. S.T.O.P. R.A.I.N.

On Monday We decided to run all three miles instead of our normal one mile run and two mile walk with the pups. We fully expected to have one day that would be a total wash out so we  decided to save our one miler for that day.  Keeping our run streak and plank streak game strong!

On Tuesday I felt like I had lead legs. I can tell that I run looooong on the weekends now and I am feeling the effects of those weekend long runs. We  switched up our Tuesday and Wednesday routes this week. Got in another three miller. 

It was all ice on Wednesday! We ran one quick mile to keep the streak alive and then of course we got in our plank in the freezing rain lol!!

Let me introduce you to my frenemy THE HILL... On Thursday we ran our hill repeats.  Hill repeats for us is 9 loops around the block aka 9 runs up this ridiculous hill = 3 miles

We finished as always with a plank!

On Friday we were S. O. A. K. E. D.  We knocked out three miles in the steady rain. No rain checks here!

For Saturday we "enjoyed" 100% chance of rain for 100% of our 18.2 mile trail run!  

It was a mud sliding, puddle jumping kind of run but gorgeous none the less! 

The daffodils are as confused about when to bloom as I was about which way to go at some of those intersections lol!

 I don’t know about you but I am O. V. E. R. this rain!! Bring on the sunshine and slightly warmer temps! 

We had planned to run 11 miles on Sunday but it was pouring rain when we headed out for the run so we decided we had put a lot of miles in and so we could stand a lower mileage easy run. It actually didn't pour during our run but we enjoyed a three mile easy run anyway. My legs were on fire! It was great to shake out some of the soreness from Saturday's long run! 

Guess who has finally come out to play later on Sunday!??!! The SUNSHINE!!!! YAY!!!! Please stick around please stick around!!

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain" ~ Dolly Parton

This week we will stick to our training routine and this weekend we will run 20 miles on Saturday and 13 on Sunday! The next weekend we will scale it back for our version of the taper (I hate to taper).

I hope you have lots of sunshine this week!!

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