Monday, February 18, 2019

Between two Pines...

This past week has been another full week of training for the Backyard to Vineyard Challenge at the Asheville Marathon. I am also training to run the Fonta Flora 50K the very next weekend. I am hopeful this will be my redemption 50K since last year we were pulled off the course 20 miles in due to the weather. 

We finally got back on the trails this week and for that I am so thankful! Between stuff going on and the weather we really haven't be out on the trails much since Triple Lakes in October!

This week we ran one mile and walked two with the pups on Monday!

Tuesday the rain started and lucky for use run streakers don’t get rain checks. 
We knocked out three miles of puddle jumping even though we would have preferred to jump back in the bed and pull the covers over our head lol!

I also was super excited to receive my 2019 BibRave welcome goodies!! I love so much being a part of Team BibRave. I am super excited to continue as a #bibravepro through 2019!

Wednesday we got in three miles of our humpday route even though I really felt like only doing one mile...

By Thursday I was finally feeling very tired and so we decided to show ourselves some tlc and only run one mile. Keeping the streak alive and loving ourselves extra on Valentine's Day!

Friday we ran three miles of intervals. Running three minutes and walking one minute. We forgot a regular photo but got our plank photo lol! The Plank and Squat Challenge are still going strong. 

Saturday we hit the trails!! I have been wanting to do the Raiders of the Pines Loop for quite some time! We planned to start as soon as the sun came up so we left my house at 6:30 and were on the trail by about 7:10. The first 5 miles are non stop climb. There are some pretty incredible views along the way! 

It is kind of a strange feeling when your running along, look over and see the Brown Mountain Lights overlook in the distance and realize that your standing exactly where they see the Brown Mountain Lights... It becomes extra weird when you run by what looks like crop circle type clearings in the deep deep forest and then you come to a sign that says “test site”... Good news is that we are sure we solved the mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights... LOL!

Once we stopped climbing we had some great runnable trial and old fire roads. We ran out to Harper Creek Falls and breathed in all that goodness!!

As we wound our way around toward a trial head we encountered our first person in the woods. This route is not for the faint of heart and it was obvious not over traveled. 

By the time we crossed the thigh deep creek we had the giggles and may have been slightly delirious lol! When you cross a freezing creek in the middle of winter it is best to keep moving and eat a little something to help your body stay warm and so we did. 

We came out of the woods to a lot of folks hiking in to see the falls. Most looked at us like we had lost it. Busting out of the woods running, wet, with backpacks might startle someone just going for a leisurely stroll I suppose lol! The view of Harper Creek Falls that most see are from below so they don't get wet at all nor is it that strenuous of a climb. 

We ran a little out and back on the gravel road and then ran down the road back to the car for a total of 16 miles!

We had an elevation gain of 3,643 ft! It was so good to be back on the trail!! Can’t wait to do it again!! 

Sunday we got in 10 miles, running all over town in the rain! My legs felt great and I had a great pace considering the crazy 16 miler the day before. 

This coming week looks like rain, rain and more rain. Should make for some interesting runs...

Wishing a happy week and may all your runs be happy!

"Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world." ~ John Muir

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