Thursday, January 10, 2019


There are how many weeks until the Backyard to Vineyard Challenge of the Asheville Marathon?? 
9 Weeks!!! Eeek!! I swear just yesterday it seemed like there was plenty of time and now all of a sudden I feel like oh crap I have to get it in gear!

I have a totally manageable well written plan and I know that if I follow the plan everything will be fine. At the moment thought I am kind of freaking out about being able to stick to the schedule. 

I am having some weird leg swelling and that has derailed me a bit this week! 

Since my last real training update I have ran:

3 miles on 12/18 

3 miles on 12/19

13.5 miles on 12/22

6 miles on 12/23

3 miles on 12/24

3 miles on 12/27

15 miles on 12/29

3 miles on 12/31

For January we decided we would kick off the new year with a run streak and plank challenge. We plan to run at lease one mile every day in January and plank every day for at least one minute and gradually increase our time.

3 miles on 1/1

3 miles on 1/2

3 miles on 1/3

3 miles on 1/4

18 miles on 1/5

6 miles on 1/6

1 mile run and 2 mile walk on 1/7 with the puppies

1 mile walk, 2 mile run on 1/8

1 mile walk, 2 mile run on 1/9

Week 1 we planked for 1 minute and now we are at 1:30!

On Monday 1/7 I began noticing pretty significant swelling in my lower legs, ankles and feet. Uggggg so my 1/8 and 1/9 runs have been very very easy as I am trying to figure this out. 

I of course first thought about my nutrition. We have eaten so bad for us lately. With no kitchen our options most of our meals have been take out, fast food or pizza. I also haven't paid as much attention to my water intake. All my Nalgene bottles are packed up so I haven't been measuring my water. 

I then started thinking about my shoes. I have been wearing new shoes (both running and work shoes) since Christmas maybe that's it. 

I sort of thought maybe it had to do with the 24 miles I ran last weekend but nah that couldn't be it. 

I checked in with Dr. Google and discovered I likely had congestive heart failure. Oh dear....

Then I considered that maybe running 24 miles PLUS staying on my feet the entire balance of the day working on the house while wearing ballet flats PLUS my terrible eating were all working together and working against me.

For the past couple of days I have worn my Crazy Compression Sleeves to work under my work pants ( I need more of these, gonna order asap) and been diligent about stretching and rolling my legs and feet, monitoring my water intake and my food intake, resting and elevating my legs when I can and taking ibuprofen. As of Wednesday I have started to notice a slight difference the swelling is subsiding. 

I had planned another 18 miler on Saturday but I think I will scale back to ten. I have several more on the training plan so I think I will be ok. 

I hate derailing my plan, I hate affecting my training partner with my derailment. It really sucks but I know that scaling back is WAY better than getting benched by injury. I am listening to my body and gonna lighten up a bit over the next week. 

Send your good vibes my way, they are greatly appreciated!!

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