Thursday, December 13, 2018

262 Squad

Disclaimer: I received the 262 Squad AfterShokz training plan through Motigo to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews

I am halfway through my 40th year and have established a strong relationship with distance running!

I ran my first marathon as a goal to accomplish "for my" 40th Birthday. I actually completed it in 

March of 2018. I turned 40 in June. So just to be sure that it counted I decided to do another (trail) marathon in October. While I’m at it why not add it another so I am running the Asheville Marathon again in March before I leave my 40th year. I sort of feel like I better do a 4th and can say I did 4 marathons for my 40th lol!

I am not a racer, I am a runner. To me there is a distinct difference. I do not like to push myself to the point of total demise. I am not the girl to empty the tank. I am reserved and like it that way. 

I do not enjoy the competitive feeling and thus I do not choose to compete. I love to run and want to be able to keep running for many many years. I can run a variety of paces and tend to match my stride to whomever I am running with. I love that! Running is my time I have to spend with the friends I love and I love that I we just all love running together!

I typically will run a 2:24-2:30 half marathon but you will for sure find (if you look) a 2:52 half from one of my all time favorite races. That is ok with me! I am proud of every race I do and ever pace I do because I CAN run.

I am a podcast junkie and listen to them every morning as I am getting ready for my day. On almost every running podcast at one time or another they have talked about hiring a running coach and always tout how much better, stronger, faster you will be by doing so. Hiring a coach can be super expensive but you can certainly find those that are very reasonable. I am not there yet. I am not sure if I ever will be. I don’t exactly love being told what to do lol!! What I do love about the idea of the coach is the wealth of knowledge and expertise that they can deliver. 

I was given the opportunity as a BibRave Pro to join the AfterShokz #262squad Marathon Training Experience using the Motigo App. The perfect training coach option for me!! 

Side note: Did I mention I also LOVE AfterShokz??? They are seriously the best headphones EVER both for my runs AND my podcasts!!

Over 18 weeks I simply open the app, select the week and run I am on and see the workouts outlined for me. All of the workouts have tips. For example Week 2 has a 6-mile Run (easy pace) - Thursday. When I open the details I see “Run 6 miles at an easy, relaxed pace. Do 4-6 strides over the last mile. Strides are a 20-30 second burst at almost 100% of your full effort.”

WOAH!! I love this!! I honestly have NEVER done stride work before. 

While I don’t love being told what to do I DO love learning what to do and that is what this coaching plan feels like!

In the same week there is a run with Audio. How this works is for that long run I select the week, select the run and hit “Start Workout”. As I am running I will receive 3-7 messages that give me tips on training, nutrition, hydration and more as well as great little motivational messages to power me through. It is awesome!!

I always run my long runs with a friend and most of the time we talk the whole way, sometimes I crank up my music to help power me through a tough spot. Even with my music pumping the Motigo App breaks through the music to deliver the message. I do not miss a beat!

The greatest part is that you can use this plan as many times as you wish once you have purchased it. So I used it for my training for the Triple Lakes Trail Race and have started over now that I am training for the Asheville Marathon

If you are like me and on the fence about a Coach you should totally try out the AfterShokz #262squad Marathon Training Experience. The plan only costs $34.99 but the #262squad Marathon Training Experience is FREE with the purchase of Trekz Air or Trekz Titanium headphones!!

Also check out the BibRave Podcast that discuss the #262squad and then go jump on the band wagon with the rest of us!!

I am so happy to have this Training tool literally in my “back pocket” for my long runs! I encourage you to also check this out!

I love being a part of the #262squad

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