Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The hustle and bustle is in full effect!

Whew… It has been a month….

Life is a little flipped upside down at the moment. 

We have planned for the last 5 years or so to do some remodeling at our house and at the moment we are in full on reno mode. Yes in the middle of the busiest season...

 Over my 40th Birthday weekend we painted the exterior of our house and while there are a few other things outside we plan to do we have moved inside for the winter.

Well we kinda moved out…

We actually moved into our downstairs which is an efficiency apartment type space with a kitchenette, living area, bathroom and bedroom. With the girls off at college this was the best time to do this. This allowed us to empty the upstairs and do the work without obstruction. With our upstairs completely empty we have been able to replace the flooring in our kitchen and den and we are now in the stages of refinishing all of the floors upstairs and painting the entire interior. We will then install new kitchen cabinets that my husband is building. We are so excited!

In addition to this we have celebrated Thanksgiving with our families, I directed the Night of Light 5K, St. Nick came to visit, we are trying to get ready for Christmas as best we can and I have officially began training for the Asheville Marathon Backyard to Vineyard Challenge.

I will run the half marathon on March 16th and the marathon on March 17th!

Yes it is possible I have lost my mind!! 

I will be logging more miles than I have before to accomplish this but really I will only add one long run into the mix of the runs I already do. 

Because of my schedule I plan to run my longest run still on Saturday’s and run the shorter long run on Sunday’s. This will be the opposite of how the race will occur but regardless I will get in all the miles and I will be running on tired legs. Sounds super fun I know ha ha!

I also have committed to pace the half marathon with a friend so I will run the half marathon at my usual running pace and will not race it. I actually wont race the marathon either, I am not really a racer at all, but I would love to better my time from last year of course so we will see. 

My biggest worry is injury and so I plan to really work on core strength and stretching!  

My current training plan is an adaptation of the Goofy Challenge Training Plan from Hal Higdon:

Monday - 3 mile walk/rest day - I have  step goal that I try to meet each day so this is my way of ensuring I get in those steps. We take our pups and have a great time exploring the town.

Tuesday - 3 mile loop run 

Wednesday - 3 mile hill and speed run

Thursday - 4 mile hill and interval run

Friday - 3 mile run

Saturday - Each week I will add a mile (14-20 miles) with a few cut back weeks (9 miles) and a couple weeks that mileage will repeat. This will be my longest running day.

Sunday - Each week I will add a mile (6-12 miles)

Right now I plan to run using a 3:1 run:walk method. I may run half of the mileage non stop and then run the 3:1 for the second half of the run. I will run based on feel and it will just depend how we feel week to week. 

My legs are already tired lol!

This week we have had a major snow storm in North Carolina and so that has put a damper already on this week. We ran 13 miles on Saturday but did not get to run Sunday, walk Monday nor did I run this morning. We did get in some fun play time!!

My plan is to recap the training each week as I move through this process. I fully expect to have some more epic runs to share! I have already found some new trails to run and can't wait to try them out!! Stay tuned!

This is sure to be fun! Come train with me and run with me at the Asheville Marathon!!! Register using code 2019AMADEANNE to tell them you are running with me!!

I hope to see you there!

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