Monday, December 17, 2018

I was snow flaky last week (lol)

My training update for this week is pretty sparse. 

With all the snow we got the second weekend in December this week we were faced with mounds of snow and ice piled all over our sidewalks where the roads were scrapped and of course trails and such were not scrapped at all. We also had reports of black ice through the first part of the week.

Due to that I did not get a run in at all until Friday. 

Kim and I ran a little over 3 miles and were so stir crazy we couldn't help the silliness that ensued as we ran through town!

Saturday I spent the day with my girls in Greensboro. We went to the see the Nutcracker Ballet and then ran a festive 5K later that evening. 

So last week was a 6 mile week lol but fun none the less!!

This week I have to pile on the miles to catch back up on my training plan! Luckily I have time built in to account for weather and other unforeseen conditions.

Wishing you a happy week with many happy miles!

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