Friday, September 14, 2018

Must Love Trails

Trail Marathon Training is as you know underway. I am starting to worry a little that I do not have a good enough plan. I have let the time slip away a bit and not gotten serious about getting those long trail runs in!

I re-worked my plan a bit and I think it will be ok. I have five weeks until the Triple Lakes 40K and I can ramp up hopefully in that time. I am already in half marathon condition I just need to get in a few longer runs and keep running through the week. 

I got in a great 13 miler on Labor Day! Two friends and I ran through town and hit the local greenway then finished back in town. We meet up with two other friends half way for a few of our miles too!

Last Saturday we set to run about 15 mile on the trails near the lake. 

“There is always an adventure waiting in the woods.”

We got in 15 miles and nobody fell!!! Woot Woot!

As we were running on mountain bike trials we encountered several bikers as we headed later into the morning. As one guy passed he said something to us. We were a little unsure if he said bear or deer ahead... We kind hoped he said beer lol!!

A little further in we spotted two young deer very close to us in the woods. We stood and watched a while. 

A few steps further we saw what looked like bear scat... Oh my!

You know you wanted to see it.... LOL! I just had to share, sorry not sorry lol!

I was stung by a bee!! First time in a long time! Ouch!! My Buff totally saved the day!! RIP Bee...

There was a random plastic chair deep in the woods... What does this even mean???

The beauty of the trail is one of my all time favorite things but today’s run was a tough one for me!! I was on the struggle bus in a bad way 🚌 I probably should’ve taken my inhaler but I forgot it at home... Next time I will do better.

Despite all that when can we do it again??? 

The accomplishment of doing something that feels hard is quite rewarding!!

We are watching the weather for this coming weekend. Hurricane Florance may put a kink in our plan we will see...

Sending Love and Light to everyone living in the path of Hurricane Florence and everyone impacted by this storm. Stay safe! You are in my prayers! 

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