Monday, August 6, 2018

AfterShokz Trekz Air Review

I absolutely LOVE being a Bib Rave Pro! Disclaimer: I received a pair of Canyon Red AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. It is so much fun to get to tryout amazing products like the AfterShokz!! 

Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I love listening to music on my runs! I have listened to music while running since the beginning!

Often times certain songs power me through when I start to struggle! I love fast steady beats that can get me back on track.

I have playlist after playlist on my phone and I typically create specific playlists for the race I am running next! 

For the Detroit International Half Marathon for example I put together a "Detroit" play list which was heavily loaded with my favorite Detroit musical artist Eminem of course!!

When I trained for my first marathon I found that I really liked running without music. For the most part my training partner and I just ran and talked which was great!! 

I also love listening to podcasts! I am a big podcast junkie!! I listen to podcasts every morning and on solo runs I will often catch up on some of my favorites! My podcast list just keeps growing and growing!

I always have a pair of headphones with me for every run whether I'm listening to music, chatting with friends or catching up on my podcasts! TBH I also keep headphones in my car and in the kitchen, oh and the bathroom and living room. I use headphones when talking on the phone and when drying my hair too! As you can imagine I have tried just about every headphone on the market! 

I have been on the hunt for the right wireless headphones and have until now not found the right pair! I kept using the earbuds that come with the phone... 

Well they're easy I guess...

Until I slipped these on I had really struggled with other wireless headphones. Most have felt like heavy dangling earrings! They hurt my ears and had entirely too much bouncing around going on. I would have to pick the right ear canal attachment so they wouldn't bounce right out of my ear! This Tight Fit = OUCHY

I also always ran with one ear bud in and one out for safety reasons. wireless or not this means finding somewhere to stash the other earbud so it's not flapping in the wind...

Fast forward to present day and my new relationship with Aftershokz. 

Aftershokz are the seriously!! They are super light weight and flexible, have great sound quality and sit OUTSIDE your ear!

This means I can listen to music AND talk to my running buddies at the same time LOL!! 

For real! I can have my music softly playing and chit chat then if needed turn up the sound to power me through a tough spot! Win Win!

This also means no stashing one earbud (usually in my sports bra)!! I can also clearly hear everything that's going on around me!!

I took them for my first run and I cranked up the volume. I was super surprised that no one else around me could hear the concert!! 

This means I can listen to all the embarrassing music I want and no one will ever know lol!

This past week I wore them at the beach for my runs and was super impressed! 

They did not slip around in all the humidity. It was at 100% humidity almost the entire week!  

Another thing to note, I have worn these with both sunglasses and a hat and had no conflicts with fit!! I have also worn these as I am driving to talk on the phone and while drying my hair to listen to podcasts! They are awesome!! 

If you have yet to find the perfect headphones I suggest you get yourself a pair! As a friend of a BibRave Pro you can get this awesome Air bundle (Trekz Air headphones, a BibRave Trucker Hat and AfterShokz branded Shoe Bag, Sport Towel and Power Bank) for $55 off with code BRBUNDLE 

Check out the bundle at

You will not be disappointed!! 

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