Monday, June 18, 2018

KT Performance+ Product Review

Disclaimer: I received  KT Performance+ Blister Prevention Tape and KT Performance+ Blister Treatment Patch to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. 

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I already loved KT Tape and used KT Tape as needed for various issues. I first found KT Tape when I began running. I was having terrible shin splints and KT Tape made all the difference in the world for me!

I was super excited to have the chance to review the new KT PERFORMANCE+™ BLISTER PREVENTION TAPE and KT PERFORMANCE+™ BLISTER TREATMENT PATCH to test out!! 

Lucky for me I haven't had a blister lately so I was not able to test the Blister Treatment Patch out on an actual blister. I can however tell you that I did try it out in general to get an idea of how it would feel and to be able to provide some feedback!

If you recall I had THE WORST blister of my entire life after my first Asheville Half Marathon! I failed to read the course description in advance and wore minimalist shoes. It may have been fine except that I hadn't read that there would be some grave road running and I had not run in those shoes on anything other than pavement. In addition I was not wearing my now go to running socks and thus wound up with a mega blister on the bottom pad of my foot. It was terrible! As I ran I knew there was a blister but I kept pushing forward and it kept getting worse. It felt so big and it was so painful. At some point on the run I thought it had popped but after the race I realized it had not. Where was the Blister Treatment Patch when I needed it most!!! This would have been a tremendous help and made my recovery much easier! These patches are designed to provide up to 2 times faster healing times than traditional bandages. 

The patch is soft and sits securely in place. I feel pretty confident that it would have stayed put on the bottom of my foot for the full 7 days because of its waterproof seal. You can also use these patches for any other minor cuts/wounds that may make your running or any activity difficult! Should I ever get a blister like that again I know where I will turn!

I did get to really try out the Blister Prevention Tape! It has been so hot and humid on my morning runs lately! What better time of year to test out blister [retention than the super humid early morning run! Whew welcome to summer in NC!

I will tell you that I am super finicky about my feet. Just do a search in the blog on the word feet and you will see all the ways lol! If my shoes aren't tied just right I can't run. If my socks aren't perfect I can't run. If my shoes are too cushy, too firm, to wide, to narrow... You get the gist and by golly if I have a blister I sure as heck can not run! 

KT Tape has great application videos that you can watch. If you are prone to a blister in a certain spot juts check out the application recommended.

 I decided that since the bottom of my foot is where I had the issue before I would test it out there. I also tested it on my heal. 

I love the KT Tape fabric used. It is super strong and does not fray! The 3.5” strips are the perfect size for my feet! They work for about 2 runs before needing to change as well! 

I can not recommend KT Tape products enough! I love everything by KT I have ever used!

You can try KT Tape for yourself at a great discount! Use code BIBRAVE30 for 30% off!!

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