Wednesday, May 16, 2018

My Marathon VIP (Very Important Product)

When I find something that works well for me I love to share it with others. Maybe it would also work well for you! In the midst of my marathon training I found a pair of running tights that I just could not have done without!!

When marathon training weather turned cold and it became time to break out the running tights I realized that I only had five pair. Before marathon training that was fine. I only ran 5 out of 7 days usually and I do laundry once a week (on Sunday's). During Marathon training for the most part I ran some variation of the following schedule:

Monday Run 4 miles
Tuesday Run 3 miles
Wednesday Walk 3 miles
Thursday Run 4 miles
Friday Run 3 miles
Saturday Long Run up to 20 Miles

Now in all transparency there were plenty of times I missed one of these runs but this was the plan.

The tights I had were also all very different. Two pair are big name brands that I picked up at the sporting goods store, one of these rides down a lot so I rarely wore them and one pair has a zipper at the ankle. I honestly love those tights but the zipper is a problem for my long runs. I wear Compression Socks and under the tights is too tight but over these tights in particular ends up pressing the zipper a little too uncomfortably into my lower leg and ankle. Another pair of my tights came from TJ Maxx and they are fine tights but they have a rushing also on the lower leg/ankle area which makes wearing them with my compression (aka long run) a no go. My fourth pair of tights came from an online store and they are fine and then I had one Skirt Sports pair. The Wrapsody which I loved. All this to say I really only had two pair of tights I would wear on a long run and with five pair of tights and six days I needed tights I needed to order another pair. 

As a Skirt Sports Ambassador I naturally went there first to look. I LOVE my skirts, I LOVE my Wrapsody Tights, so I thought I would see what they had to offer.

I also did my research. I needed the next pair of tights to be a long run pair. I was hesitant about ordering on-line because I was worried about fit. I did more research and considered a pair. I then went back to the local stores to try on some in store options of various brands. Still feeling drawn to the Skirt Sports pair in January I placed my order.

Within a few days my black Go the Distance Tights were here and I couldn't wait to wear them. I ordered a size small and they fit like a glove! These tights quickly became my all-time favorite running tights!! I wore them every long run after that until the Marathon. I even wore them under my running skirts!

The fit is perfect. The rise hits just right, the material is smooth and stays right where it is supposed to. 

By Marathon morning the weather was looking warmer than it had been for most of my training runs and I had packed other clothes to wear just in case. I decided on a skirt (which I also love) and had gotten dressed and was ready to go that morning. As soon as I left the hotel room I turned around and went back in. I needed my tights. This was my first marathon and the skirt had not logged those miles with me in preparation for the race while the tights had.

I needed the familiar feeling of the tights on my legs for this race. I had no idea what to expect from the race but I knew exactly what to expect from those tights! I wanted to limit surprises that day and I am so glad I did. 

They were perfect and even though it did get warm by the end of the race my legs felt great! These tights not only supported me (pun intended) through all the training runs but also for the big day!!

I am so glad I ordered these and had them for all the training and all the miles. Now that it is getting warmer I will start looking for the next best thing since tights will get a little hot in the summer lol!

If you don't have these tights I highly highly highly recommend them. They are awesome!!

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See all the great gear at 

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