Friday, May 11, 2018

High Five for Friday ~ May 11, 2018


The weather is getting warmer here and the mornings are getting brighter!! I love Spring!!

1. I enjoyed a gorgeous, hot and only a little scary, 9 mile run last weekend in the South Mountains 💕
We joked but it really was up hill both ways with 1,413 feet of elevation gain!
We ran up to the little white church I grew up going to with my dad and Nana ❤️ and the views all around were incredible as always!

2. I am re-gaining some speed after having been in marathon training mode for quite some time. I can either run for pace or time/distance. I can not do both so it's fun to hit some old familiar paces again on those shorter runs! I ran 3 miles with a friend on Tuesday at a 9:30 average pace!

3. With the weather warming up I feel comfortable taking my puppy with me for my Wednesday Morning walks. On Wednesday’s we walk!! These cute puppies had so much fun this morning!! One of my running buddies brought her puppy and these two were fast friends! They were the guard dogs protecting baby Ivey who also joined us for her first 5am walk 💕 Her momma is on her way back into running after baby and I can not wait to have her back with me for our morning runs!

4. With the mornings becoming brighter my views on my early morning runs are much more spectacular!!

5. I am super excited to join the #bibravepro @bibrave family!! I can not wait to see where this journey leads!!! Stay tuned for some great discounts and special offers!!

This weekend I have a long run planned with friends and am looking forward to a special Mothers Day! To all my mother runner friends I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend!

Be sure to link up with your favorite blog post for the week!! I look forward to seeing what everyone has been up to!

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