Monday, March 12, 2018

When the universe speaks ~ My First Marathon ~Training update and wrap up

I have just wrapped up the last of my long runs for marathon training! I have been, for the most part, following a Hal Higdon plan. Hal had me do the 20 miler which I did on February 24th and then the next two weekends were to be a 12 Mile Run and then an 8 Mile Run. 

After the 20 miler last weekend I started to doubt the plan. How in the world was I going to go three weeks without another really long run and then somehow run a marathon? 

The next day after the 20 miler we had decided we’d run “16ish” instead of 12 and by the day before our “16ish” we had decided maybe we’d do 20 again…

On Saturday the 3rd we planned to go to Moses Cone Manor and run some of the carriage trails there. I had mapped out 20 miles and had every intention of doing just that. 

Do you ever have those things that happen and you wonder "Is the universe trying to tell me something"? This was one of those days. 

Moses Cone is about an hour drive away, up, up, up, the mountain. We decided we'd leave my house at 6am and get there to start our run at 7. 

Universe said no...

The parkway that we needed to take to get there was closed. We were re-routed around which added nearly another hour to our drive. We were already this far so we just went with it. 

It was soooooo cold and soooooo windy. 26 degrees with steady 45-65mph wind. 

But it was gorgeous! 

Running at Moses Cone is also on my 40 for 40 list, a list I made of 40 things I want to do in this my 40th year 2018. More on that later. 

We started out on our run and the universe said no...

Ok so we are rebels and decided we'd risk it. We ran out a few other trails before coming back to this one and enjoyed a beautiful run. 

As we headed further and further into our run we started talking about maybe sticking to 16 miles. The universe said no...

Ehhh so we scaled the tree and decided to defy the universe lol. 

We made it to Bass Lake and the wind nearly knocked us over. 

The wind litterally took my breath away!!

We pushed on face first against the wind.

Ok, ok enough with the songs, I just can't help myself lol!!

The wind though was so much that it completely exhausted us! 

We finished a strong 13 miles and I feel like it was totally the universe telling us to stick to the plan and trust the process. So we did.

Until this past weekend...

Saturday the 10th we set out for our last weekend run before the marathon. The plan said eight miles. We decided otherwise. 

Once again we decided we'd alter the plan slightly and instead go for 13 miles. 

We stayed in town and ran our familiar streets and greenway. It was perfect. We reflected a bit on this journey and the beauty of friendship. As we were nearing the end of the run we decide to stop at 11 and trust the process. 

We finished with a 2 mile cool down walk with our friend Elizabeth who is due to have her first baby any day now! Considering it was her who I ran my first mile with I am so glad I got to have her with me as I wrapped up my training for the full marathon. It was perfect!

I know they say "the hay is in the barn" and I believe it! Next weekend is going to be great!

It really has been an incredible adventure and I am so honored to have an incredible support system of loved ones and friends that have encouraged me all along the way!! 

“As your training integrates Mind, Body and Spirit, enjoy the process. Your journey to the marathon finish will last a few hours. Your journey to the start will influence a lifetime.” ~ Gina Greenlee

Many happy miles!

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