Monday, February 12, 2018

Marathon Training Run "Not As Described"

Note to self: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”.

On Saturday's I run long. I have to run long on Saturdays because long runs these days, while marathon training, take four hours of my day or more. I work office hours Monday through Friday and Sundays I have church, grocery shopping and laundry to do. The only day I can carve out those four or more hours are Saturday's. 

My marathon training partner and I have been on a mission to find new and interesting routes and boy have we found them...

We originally were going to travel a bit this past Saturday to get in 19 miles but I had afternoon plans that would have pushed us on time. So instead we decided to stay local. Finding 19 fun and interesting miles however is no easy task. 

I found several trails up by the lake near our houses that all connected and when added up equalled the 19 miles we needed. Luckily Carly was familiar with the first 6 mile loop, Homestead Trail, Paddy’s Creek Trail and Mills Creek Trail, so we decided to do that first and then head on down to pick up the rest which were to be the longer portion of the run. 

As we are running along we see ahead the next turn but when we get closer we see a closed gate and a clear sign that the trail was closed!!! 

It’s also raining and we need to regroup and come up with 13 more miles somewhere...

It felt for a moment very deflating. I was so excited to try out this new route. Luckily I remembered another trail on the map close by and pulled up the Trail Run Project App and found what I was looking for!

We ran out a bit on the Over Mountain Victory Trail, it was gorgeous! Carly taught me about Shinrin-yoku which we totally experienced on that section of trail!! 

We then ran highway for a bit and circled back to the second half of the Over Mountain Victory Trail. We then ran highway for a bit again, circling back and running the previous 6 mile route in reverse and then finished off with a little under a mile on the Discovery Trail.


Considering we spent the bulk of our morning re-routing, re-thinking how to add mileage, in the rain and while running some 1,600 feet of elevation gain, in the mud finishing strong with 16 miles instead of 19 was just fine with me!

I could stress that I missed a long run but I could also argue that 16 miles IS long, very long and I am in great shape within my training plan. I feel good about that!

Quote of the run: “Oh look it’s one of those painted rocks! Oh nope it’s a poop bag!” 💩

We ran with deer and bunnies and enjoyed the music of the birds!! I look forward to forest bathing again soon!!

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