Thursday, February 22, 2018

Feeling these days like TGISundays - Marathon Training Update

The weekends are no longer what they once were. Training for a marathon has taken over! I am still loving it but I do kind of feel like TGISunday these days! Sunday is my day of rest, sort of. 

We are in the pile on the miles stage of marathon training. I am currently running four miles on Mondays, Yoga on Tuesdays, walking three miles on Wednesdays, running four miles on Thursdays, running three miles on Fridays and then Saturdays we run long! Sunday is usually a rest day except that it’s now my only real “weekend” day which means I am cramming all the stuff I need to do into that one day and all the other stuff I need to do just isn’t getting done… 

This past Saturday I ran 19 miles and then Sunday threw a baby shower from my very best friend! 

Yes I did just say that I ran 19 miles!!!! 

I kind of can’t believe we actually ran that far!!! This is the furthest I have run in my entire life! I never even ever imagined that I would ever run that far! These feet and legs amaze me!

We covered these 19 miles in 4 hours and I am pretty darn proud of that! I have not set a pace goal for this marathon. It is better for me to set the goal of finishing. The fact that I am still running at the end of a 19 mile run and the fact that my last mile was as fast as the first mile is pretty darn impressive to me! I have run half marathons before that I couldn’t hardly walk in the last few miles let alone run! I feel like this is the first time that I am really training well!

As with most of our long runs my training partner and I work ahead through the week planning and mapping out our run. We have tried to alternate terrains and elevations so that we are constantly working other muscle groups and ensuring that we are challenging ourselves each week. The Asheville Marathon has varying terrains that we will run on both road, trail and gravel and it has steady uphill climbs, downhill and flat sections. Trying to find safe places to log serious miles in a small town is challenging. 

We decided this week to stay in town and so we planned out our route. After looking at the map I thought it would end up looking like Yoda from Star Wars! 

There were going to be some double loops to get the miles we needed and so we decided to go out a little farther on the greenway than initially planned to be sure we got in a full 19 miles. I love this town we have some really beautiful places to run!

It was rainy but I was in good company and as always we had so much fun! I only annoyed Carly once (I think) when I forgot to start my watch after having stopped for a second to fuel and so I made her turn around with me and go back so I could start my watch in the right spot so I wouldn’t mess up my map! LOL!

When I got home and looked at the map I actually saw Casey from the Snorks and could totally hear her saying ”Yeah, I look like a princess.” LOL!

Carly and I in our post run delirium got artsy lol! Casey and Yoda and another amazing run is in the bank! It is always a fun adventure with #rundandc 

I am so blessed to have Carly inspiring me and encouraging me to do the hard things and doing the hard things with me! If she says I am ready for my first marathon I believe I am ready!! I can only hope for all my runner friends that they find someone like Carly to run with! She's the best!

We are #ashevillebound

Many Happy Miles

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