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Adventures in Marathon Training: My First Marathon

Here I am in the midst of marathon training... I honestly had NO idea what to expect when I decided I would train for a marathon. Originally when I began running I had NO intention of EVER running a marathon. Note to self: Never say never!

I am getting very close to my marathon date and so far this has been an interesting and incredible journey!!

When I decided that I indeed WAS going to train for a marathon I was also working on my training plan for the Detroit International Half Marathon. That date just so happened to fall right in line with beginning to train for the Asheville Marathon so my initial plan was a twenty-three week plan beginning in August 2017.

In hind sight this was probably not the best approach. Looking back at that plan it looks a bit overwhelming.

In December I decided to rework the plan. I was already conditioned for a half marathon (training for Kiawah which I ended up not running) so I created an updated twelve week plan for marathon training and this has felt much less daunting.

My training beginning in December has looked like this so far: 

December 3rd I ran a ten mile foggy run through down town at the break of dawn.

December 12th I ran four miles at 5am club girls.

December 16th my marathon training partner and I decided to head out on what will become or first of many adventures. I called this run “The Misadventures and Adventures of Carly and Deanne”. A little car sledding on the sheets of ice “I think were fine”. A decision to maybe not try to go up the ice sheets any further. A mile in and I have to pee #gooutside 😳 miles and miles from civilization. At about the same mile in Carly discovers she forgot her keys to our pick up car #pointtopointrun #nobiggie #turnaround mid run re-route discussions due to the ice to ensure we get our miles #letsgothisway #iwonderwhatisthatway So many laughs, so much fun, such an adventure! #thirteenmilesoffun #wheretonext #wakeupandrun #RunNC #realwomenmove

December 18th I ran four miles with my 5am club runners.

December 21st I ran four miles on a new route with friends. Aside from the near death experience this morning I enjoyed the gorgeous sunrise run! I originally thought the car that almost wiped us out was deliberately trying to run us off the road but turns out he was on his phone 📱 Please don’t drive distracted people!! Everyone’s lives could have taken a tragic turn in literally a split second. Thanks be to God for protecting us and then giving us this beautiful sunrise. #thankfulrunner #sunriserun #wakeupandrun #stayalert #morningmiles #gooutside #realwomenmove #crazyclan

December 23rd was my very first run longer than a half marathon run at 14.2 miles!!! PR’s for me from here until March even if running against the wind #marathontraining #myfirstmarathon #avlmarathon There were so many whimsical and beautiful sights along the run and if you ask me our route looks a bit like “the most famous reindeer of all” that “had a very shiny nose” #rudolph #seenonmyrun #rudolphinascarf #fairygarden #secretdoor #cross #riverrun #run828 #runmorganton I then headed home to replenish lost carbs with Christmas cookies #itstheholidayseason

The holidays were BUSY!! But on December 30th I was back out there getting another new PR, 15 miles!!  #realwomenmove #15miles #28degrees #run828 #runmorganton #tablerock #crazyclan #crazycompression #seenonmyrun #runwinter #runwithaview #runnergirls

I decided pretty last minute to run a Resolution Run 5K on December 31st (link)
It was snowing ... It was 23 degrees... It was windy.... We were possibly under dressed (but well decorated)... We ran 15 miles the day before... I am at this point accepting that I am crazy... But it was such a fun way to wrap up 2017 🎉
#runtheyear2017 #resolutionrun #happynewyear #happynewyear2018 #run828 #nomoremilesthisyear #realwomenmove #crazyclan #nyerun #badassladygang

January 1st Tess and I went out for my Traditional New Year’s Day Run with LeRoy.

On January 6th we turned up the craziness again!! 11 degrees and 15.5 miles!!! One pair of Crazy Compression, one pair of Fitsoks, one pair of running tights, a pair of Hot Chillys over those and a running skirt over that, a running tank, a running long sleeved shirt and a smart wool top over that, a vest, a jacket, two buffs, a balaclava, gloves and hand warmers!! When your marathon is in March you have to log the miles!! Good thing that sign at the frozen pond said no walking on ice; we may have otherwise done a little skating too. Frozen Hydration Tubes, Mega Hills but gorgeous scenery and fun friendship make all the miles merry!!! #crazyclan #realwomenmove #marathontraining #toocoldtomove #runanyway #viewsfordays #dontrunonice #hillsforbreakfast #brfs #crazycompression #fitsok #nikerunningpants #hotchillys #hotchillypeppers #smartwool #balaclava #buffusa #knockaround

January 8th I logged 4 miles with my 5amers.

January 10th I logged 4 miles with my 5amers.

January 13th my crazy marathon training partner and I ran 13 miles through a couple of towns and counties... Lots of rolling... Mostly hills... I called this “The off, then on, then off, then on, then off road experience” 🚗🚙 There were sooooo many cars and there was no shoulder or sidewalk to run on... But hey we are in this for the adventure #runwithaview #RunNC #marathontraining #crazyclan #realwomenmove #lookup

January 14th I could not get out of bed! I felt certain I had the flu!! On Monday the 15th I went into work and went to see our FNP to get tested. Thank goodness I tested negative but I felt miserable. I had this extreme cough and persistent headache (and I do not get headaches). On Tuesday the 16th I lost my sweet Cocoa and I stayed home to tend to her and then tried to sleep off the terrible "cold" or whatever that was the rest of the day. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was still feeling terrible. I had not run all week. I was using a neti pot, taking Robitussin and/or Mucinex, doubling up on Vitamin C, living on cough drops and soup but I just knew I HAD to run on Saturday!! We needed to get in 17 miles according to my plan...

On Friday a PT Colleague of mine who is also a marathoner stopped in my office to get and update on a project I am working on and asked about my training. I shared my miserable week and he advised me that he felt certain I would risk more by running than by skipping and so I skipped my scheduled long run. Learning to listen to my body during marathon training is scary business!! I’m such a rule follower and if I have certain miles to get each weekend I feel the strong need to get them! I did however begin to improve that weekend and I knew I had made the right decision. I think it was a God send that I got this advice late in the day on Friday! I know otherwise I would have run and then maybe my journey would have ended here... #trusttheprocess #marathontraining #restandrecover #myfirstmarathon #listentoyourbody  

On January 22nd I was back with my 5am club and ran 4 miles

I ran another 4 miles on January 23rd.

January 24th I was finally able to catch back up with my downtown crew and we walked 3 miles. My original running partner is expecting her first baby in March (the day after my marathon) and so on Wednesday's, for now, we walk!

On January 27th I experienced what may be the best run EVER!!! I called this the Peace, Love and Creekside Run!! What another fun adventure!!! We enjoyed an 18 Mile Run followed by a 2 Mile cool down walk alongside Wilson’s Creek, Carroll Mill Creek, Craig Creek, Phillips Branch, Harpers Creek, Thorps Creek, Estes Mill Creek, Lost Cove Creek and Laurel Creek! Simply breathtaking!! Quite possibly my favorite run ever and another PR! We saw turkeys fly, tons of cardinals, the old Mill site, we got a little wet when we crossed the Creek (those rocks weren’t quite as steady as they looked) and had some pretty great cheerleaders along the course!! We got “you guys are making awesome time” at Mile 8.5 by the mountain bikers we caught up with, “you are crushing it” by the fly fisherman and “you guys are awesome” by a passerby!! Can we run here all the time?? I loved this run!! And no we didn’t run the whole 18 in this hamster wheel lol!!! #runlove #18miler #actually20miles #runnergirls #run828 #trailrunner #marathontraining #firstmarathon #gravelgrinder #realwomenmove #crazyclan #crazycompression

It was truly an incredible run!! I already can't wait to run there again!!

January 29th I was back out at 5am at the lake for 4 miles.

January 30th I logged 2 miles on the treadmill.

December and January I wrapped up having logged 73 miles each month. 

February and March are sure to be epic!! Stay tuned for more on all those upcoming adventures!!

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