Monday, January 8, 2018

And that's a wrap!

2017 has come to a end.

I think this past year was the fastest ever! I know I say that every year...

As I reflect on 2017 I am reminded that this was a year of change. 

We are officially empty nesters with both girls off to college. 

We said goodbye to our beloved Oreo.

We welcomed to our family cute little LeRoy

This year has also been full of emotion. 

The day to day stuff has also kept us very busy this year. 

For 2017 I set some lofty goals:

Live my one word - Light

Run 1,000 miles

Complete 12 Races

Read 12 Books

I did not meet all my goals. 

I lived in light as much as I could. I got outside quite a bit, tried my best to have a light and happy spirit, but I can not say that I woke up each day thinking of my word. As the year went on there were many days and weeks and months that it didn't cross my mind. 

I did not meet my 1,000 mile goal just yet. This one though I am not giving up just yet either. I am closer each year than before. 

2017 – 782 miles
2016 – 717 miles
2015 – 437 miles
2014 – 261 miles
2013 – 254 miles

I DID complete 12 Races (and then some)!!!! I also ran at least one race each month! I was sort of worried about this one because I had signed up for a December race and last minute decided to defer my race (Kiawah Half-Marathon). Luckily I found a 5K to do instead on the last day of the month!

My races for 2017 were:

That's 14 Races!!!!

I did not read 12 books. I had every good intention to but who was I kidding...

I did however read a few.

Chi Running

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

AWOL on the Appalachian Trail

Saga of a Burke County Family The Averys

All great reads!!

On a lighter note (pun intended) I did teach my self how to crochet this year!!!

I totally followed the step by step directions on making a  braided headband and got it kind of right. 

Well the stitches and pattern any way. Mine turned out to be more of a scarf lol but hey, I love it!!

So for 2018 I have decided to keep it simple and focused with my goals. With too many goals I run the risk of loosing focus. 

I have set the goal to run a marathon by the time I am 40. I will turn 40 on June 26th so I have signed up to run the Asheville Marathon on March 17th. My training for this race is already underway!

I will keep the goal of running 1,000 miles. One of these years I am going to meet that goal!

I am making a list of 40 things I want to do in this my 40th year! They aren't necessarily crazy exciting things, many are things I have put off or haven't done lately that I want to do so stay tuned, more on this to come!

Everything else will just be icing on the cake!

Wishing you all the best in the new year! May the next year be always better than the last!!

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