Thursday, January 11, 2018

Resolution Run 5K ~ December 30, 2017 ~ Race Recap

My latest love are races that keep registration open basically until the start of the race. 

I was so uncertain through December about what I wanted to do in the way of a race. I had set this goal to run 12 races in 2017.

I am the race director for the Night of Light in Morganton and so I no longer run that race. It is my very favorite race but I need to stay put as much as possible that night to make sure things go smoothly. 

I had registered to run the Kiawah Half Marathon with my friends on December 9th but as we got into December I really began stressing about what I really needed to do. 

The weeks leading up to the Night of Light are non stop, very busy. In addition I was very busy at work with several early mornings and late evenings. I just had no time to begin thinking about Christmas just yet. I knew once the 5K was over I would have a little reprieve except that I had the half marathon the next weekend which was going to take up another weekend of the month. 

The weekend after that, the weekend of the 16th, I also had plans. We spent Saturday with the girls and their boyfriends and went to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. We do something "Christmasy" (totally made up word) each year it's one of our favorite traditions. It gives us a minute to enjoy time together and all the sparkle of Christmas. 

The 17th we would celebrate my moms birthday and then the next weekend was Christmas. 

It just was not settling well with me to be gone the weekend of the 9th with so much going on, having been so busy in the weeks prior and having so much to do at home. In addition both my girls had stuff going on that I needed to be available for, Tess was going to be home from College and on top of that my stomach had been so upset for several days and I had not been running and I felt completely under trained. I was logging my long runs but skipping my daily short base miles.

We also did have our Christmas Tree but I wanted to really decorate and I still needed to shop for Christmas and my time was running out. 

I was so sad to miss time with my friends but they had a great time and deferring helped relive a little stress for me this holiday season! 

I also hated to miss this race because of my 2017 goals! While I had already run 12 races I initially thought my goal was a race a month and now I had deferred my December race. I looked back at my goals and realized I had actually just said 12 races so technically I was off the hook.

However... This also did not settle well with me either and I kept contemplating a race for December. 

I had been seeing posts from some other local runner girls about the Resolution Run 5K in Marion on the evening of December 31st. Most Resolution Runs I see are for New Years Day and that would not help my situation at all.

I went back and fourth and back and fourth on this for days. Trying to find someone to do it with me. My marathon training partner Carly from Being a Bumgarner said she would do it so I signed up on December 30th at 6:00 pm lol!!! 

I then went on to peer pressure my sister in law to run it too! That conversation looked something like this:

Saturday Night 12/30/17
Me: Have you given any more thought to the Resolution 5K
Her: I don't know just yet what my plans are! Are you for sure doing it?
Me (6:00pm): Yes getting ready to register now
Her: Sorry, I wish I could say for sure, I will text you tomorrow. What are you doing after?
Me: Ok Sounds good!! Coming home after! I will text you tomorrow!

Sunday Evening 4:00 pm (We are leaving for the race at 6:00 pm... watch and learn my friends, watch and learn...) 12/31/17
Her: I keep going back and fourth about the race. I think I will pass but just in case what time are you leaving?
Me: You should come!!!! We are meeting at 6:30!! My friend Carly is coming too! I have some paper hats, and noisemakers for us!! Should be back home by 10pm!! You need to come it will be fun!!!
Me (20 min later): You think you will come? If so I'm gonna make you something, a surprise!!!
Her: OMG girl!!! I love surprises but it's been so cold!!
Me: It's not timed and you get a medal... Price is also reduced!!
Her: T-Shirt still included?
Me: Yep!!
Her: Still Thinking...
Me: Just come on!! You then will have all the energy you need to stay up till midnight lol!!
Her: Ok
Me (at 5:15pm): See you at 6:30!!
Her: Don't forget my surprise!!
Me: Be sure to bundle up!!

I decided on what to wear and then headed out to meet these other crazy girls!

It was snowing ❄️... It was 23 degrees... It was windy.... We were possibly under dressed (but well decorated)... Carly and I ran 15 miles the day before... We felt a tad crazy... But what a fun way to wrap up 2017 🎉
Ready to run the Resolution 5K 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣➡️2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

We had so much fun!! I had never ran in Marion before so this was a first for me! We got there, got our bibs and shirts and went back to the car to keep warm until the race.

The route was quite a bit hillier than I expected but it was a great course. The race was well supported by the local police, they were at every major intersection directing traffic and because it was an open course they drove the route in loops making sure the runners were safe! I was so impressed! I finished the race in 31:03. Considering I was on tired leg from the longest run I had ever done the day before (15 miles) I was so happy with that time!

After the race we grabbed a water, a banana and a cookie and then high tailed it back to the warmth of the car!!

I totally would do this race again! It just might become an annual tradition. 

Next year though we take the hubbies and grab a drink at my friends bar Refinery 13 Taproom after! I mean were all dressed up already and need more places to go lol!

Once we got back to town Carly and I had another little run to do.... Grocery store run bahahaha!!

Then we were all back home with our families to ring in the new year!!

Oh and the surprise!! As I was waiting for my SIL to decide on the race I quick crocheted reflective headbands for the both of them and wrapped them around mini bottles of champagne!! They loved them!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My go to running sunglasses

I am a sunglasses on runner. I run with sunglasses on every single run. 

Running with sunglasses does several things for me. First it blocks the sun of course and second it makes me invisible. Ok so maybe running with sunglasses on doesn't quite make me invisible but I somehow feel a little more incognito in sunglasses and therefor I love them!!  

Why be incognito? We've all seen this meme...

So sunglasses on it is...

I have tried running glasses with the non slip rubber, I have run with my regular sunglasses too but nothing compares, seriously nothing compares, to my Knockaround Sunglasses.

Tess brought a pair of these home from the Casting for Hope event she worked and I found them, wore them and never gave them back (it's what we do lol).

I have ran in them every day since!! 

They are light weight and fit me perfectly! 

Knockaround Sunglasses are designed to be both practical and stylish, even Snoop Dog wears them!

If you are looking for a great pair of shades for your next run I highly recommend Knockaround! They are super affordable too!

I love them so much that I have also become a Knockaround Representative!! Use this LINK to order yours today!! You will love them as much as I do I just know it!

Monday, January 8, 2018

And that's a wrap!

2017 has come to a end.

I think this past year was the fastest ever! I know I say that every year...

As I reflect on 2017 I am reminded that this was a year of change. 

We are officially empty nesters with both girls off to college. 

We said goodbye to our beloved Oreo.

We welcomed to our family cute little LeRoy

This year has also been full of emotion. 

The day to day stuff has also kept us very busy this year. 

For 2017 I set some lofty goals:

Live my one word - Light

Run 1,000 miles

Complete 12 Races

Read 12 Books

I did not meet all my goals. 

I lived in light as much as I could. I got outside quite a bit, tried my best to have a light and happy spirit, but I can not say that I woke up each day thinking of my word. As the year went on there were many days and weeks and months that it didn't cross my mind. 

I did not meet my 1,000 mile goal just yet. This one though I am not giving up just yet either. I am closer each year than before. 

2017 – 782 miles
2016 – 717 miles
2015 – 437 miles
2014 – 261 miles
2013 – 254 miles

I DID complete 12 Races (and then some)!!!! I also ran at least one race each month! I was sort of worried about this one because I had signed up for a December race and last minute decided to defer my race (Kiawah Half-Marathon). Luckily I found a 5K to do instead on the last day of the month!

My races for 2017 were:

That's 14 Races!!!!

I did not read 12 books. I had every good intention to but who was I kidding...

I did however read a few.

Chi Running

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

AWOL on the Appalachian Trail

Saga of a Burke County Family The Averys

All great reads!!

On a lighter note (pun intended) I did teach my self how to crochet this year!!!

I totally followed the step by step directions on making a  braided headband and got it kind of right. 

Well the stitches and pattern any way. Mine turned out to be more of a scarf lol but hey, I love it!!

So for 2018 I have decided to keep it simple and focused with my goals. With too many goals I run the risk of loosing focus. 

I have set the goal to run a marathon by the time I am 40. I will turn 40 on June 26th so I have signed up to run the Asheville Marathon on March 17th. My training for this race is already underway!

I will keep the goal of running 1,000 miles. One of these years I am going to meet that goal!

I am making a list of 40 things I want to do in this my 40th year! They aren't necessarily crazy exciting things, many are things I have put off or haven't done lately that I want to do so stay tuned, more on this to come!

Everything else will just be icing on the cake!

Wishing you all the best in the new year! May the next year be always better than the last!!

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