Sunday, October 22, 2017

Asheville Off Road Series 10K Trail Run - September 10, 2017 – Race Recap

I am a bit behind in getting my race re-caps posted for September and October! Oops! I am going to play a quick game of catch up! ;)

The days lately have quickly become weeks and the weeks have quickly become months.

I actually ended up running two races in September. 

The first was the Asheville Off Road 10K on the beautiful Biltmore Estate Grounds. 

This was my first time running this event and this was certainly my first time seeing much of the Biltmore Property!

I absolutely love the Biltmore Estate. It is one of my very favorite places to visit. It really is magical and I love to walk through this home and imagine what life there must have been like. 

I have been an Ambassador for the Asheville Marathon for the past two years (see coupon codes for special offers) and love running the Half Marathon on the Biltmore Estate. This year two of my running buddies and I signed up for the three races on the property to complete the Royal Trifecta! This included the Asheville Half Marathon in March, the Biltmore Kiwanis 15K in May and then this Asheville Off Road 10K in September. 

It’s was a bit cooler morning than I had first expected but we drove up that morning so I just grabbed a jacket before we headed up the mountain. We live about 45 minutes from Asheville so it was an easy drive. 

We got to Asheville in time to pick up our packets and head on into Biltmore Village. 

I caught up with a few other runner friends and fellow Asheville Marathon Ambassadors at the event too!

The course was AMAZING!!

This was an off road run so true to form we ran on gravel and trail. Some of the areas were gravel roads and others were narrow foot paths, there was a short stint on the paved road too. As with any trail run you always need to pay attention to the path ahead of you to ensure you maintain your footing. 

We bean as the fog began to lift and the sun began to shine. 

We ran along the French Broad River then began the incline up to the house! 

It was fascinating to run through the country side on the Biltmore Estate. The hills were challenging, the scenery was breathtaking and the approach to the house was incredible. I felt so small standing along the back of the Biltmore House looking out across the vast landscape before me. 

The run back down to the finish was equally as breathtaking!

I have not been running for goal times this past year. My pace is a bit slower than it has been in years past and I am ok with that. My goal is to be a runner for life so I am not pushing the limits of my ability right now but rather maintaining a comfortable pace so that I can be sure to be in it for the long run! I finished the 10K in 1:09:19.0. 

After the race we grabbed our race T-Shirt and some replenishing refreshments. This is one of my favorite Race Shirts! It’s so super comfy and I love the color! 

 We hung out after the race for the awards ceremony and received our Trifecta Medals!! They are Gorgeous!! We love bling!!

I would definitely do this race again!! If you enjoy trail runs and exploring places you can’t otherwise see this race is for you!! You will not be disappointed!! This is an experience worth having!

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