Monday, October 30, 2017

American Home Fitness 5K ~ October 14, 2017 ~ Race Recap

As I began to prepare to post my October Half Marathon I realized I had totally forgotten about the 5K I ran the day before! Oops! 

I have never run back to back events before and the half marathon kind of took over in my mind. 

What a disservice to the 5K! This 5K was one of my favorite 5K ever so I am disappointed that I nearly forgot it already! 

On Saturday October 14th I ran the American Home Fitness 5K in Detroit! It will go in the books as one of my all-time favorites! A close second to the Night of Light 5K (shameless plug).

My running buddy Kathleen and I decided that this would be the year we ran the Detroit Free Press Chemical Bank International Half Marathon. We had considered it last year but it fell on the same weekend as Homecoming and there was a chance this big thing would happen for my Tess (and it did)!!

We signed up for the half marathon this year and then on a whim decided since we were gonna be there for the weekend we might as well run the 5K too! So as runners do we signed up!

We drove 10+ hours on Friday to Detroit and went straight to the Expo. We stayed with Katheen’s sister and brother in law for the weekend which was so nice! After the expo and packet pick up on Friday night we went out to dinner and then headed to their house to get some sleep. It had been a loooooonnnnnggggg day!

Considering the price of this 5K the swag was AMAZING!! 

We go a New Balance long sleeve running shirt, a buff a goodie bag full of goodies and of course a finisher’s medal. The packet pick up was at the Marathon/Half Marathon Expo so if you only signed up for the 5K you got to experience a great expo! That’s pretty uncommon for the 5K races. 

The race start was at 9:00 am. The weather was good, we were a little worried about rain. The temps were cool but not cold and the sky was overcast but the rain held off.

The 5K started in William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor, along the Detroit RiverWalk. 

The course was flat and we decided to run it at a very easy comfortable pace. 

We did not want to overdo it and then run the half the next day. We finished in 32:55 so a 10:36 pace.  

The course runs along the Detroit Riverwalk, past Milliken State Park/Harbor, past Chene Park and through the historic Rivertown Warehouse District and back to William G. Milliken State Park. 

As we ran back toward the park there was a group of ladies cheering us on from this building and one of the ladies shouted “I am getting married today!!!!!!” Her excitement about her special day gave me a boost of energy for sure! We all cheered for her at that point too!!

Kathleen and I crossed the finish together and after we got our medals a man came up to us and told us that we paced him almost the entire course and he thanked us! My heart nearly burst!! I DO THIS!! Almost every race I run is so emotional for me and almost every race I end up crying and just overwhelmed with joy and appreciation of my body. 

I am not a runner, yet I run. I always have some person at a race that unknowingly “carries me through”. I find a person that feels to be at a comfortable yet challenging pace that I can get behind and feel pulled along. They push me to test my strength. They quietly encourage me to come on and run with them to the finish and I do just that, run along behind them closely and follow them across that finish line. I ALWAYS find them after the finish to tell them that it was because of them I finished strong, that they really helped pull me along and that their strength and endurance encouraged me to keep going. 

I have never had someone tell me that I did that for them. I was so honored to know that I helped someone else in that same way that so many others have helped me.

I am reminded of the lyrics from a song “shower the people you love with love, show them the way that you feel”. It is always a good idea to tell people you appreciate them. Did I mention one of my love languages is words of affirmation?

The finisher’s medal was great! This is the 40th year so it is a commemorative medal with the 1978 Corvette. (I suddenly was reminded that I too will turn 40… I was born in 1978…)

There was tons of post-race food so we grabbed bananas, bars, water, etc. and then Kathleen’s sister picked us up. We decided we really needed a shirt at the expo that we didn’t get the day before so we went back! 

We then spent the rest of the day touring Detroit and had a really great time.

If you are in Detroit or need a Michigan Race I highly recommend this event! I absolutely loved running Detroit and the river walk was amazing! Such a beautiful place to run! If I were closer this race would be an annual tradition for me! It really was GREAT!!

We saw on facebook later that day that we were (acidentally) in the picture that American Home Fitness posted on thier facebook page(oops #photobomb) lol!

The next day we would run the half marathon so stay tuned for that race recap coming soon!

My Gear for this Race:

Friday, October 27, 2017

High Five for Friday ~ October 27, 2017

I am a little late in the day (evening) (and month) for my High Five for Friday but I decided I am posting it anyway!!

I have been a little busy with all that we have had going on lately. 

Here are some highlights from my week! 

1. This past weekend was parents weekend at App State! So much fun! Tess and I went to her sorority gala on Friday Night. We went to the Woolly Worm Festival on Saturday and then the App Game Saturday afternoon. We had a great time!

2. I had a couple great runs this week! I love the cooler mornings!!

3. I am in the midst of all the fun planning for The Night of Light 5K that I direct and we revealed our finisher medal for 2017!! This is the first year all finishers will receive a medal! We are so excited about it! If you are looking for a fun festive 5K in NC look no further!

4. I submitted my DNA to a couple of weeks ago and got back my results. It is so crazy to find people who you are fairly closely related to that you do not know! I have discovered many missing pieces in my own puzzle!

5. It's starting to finally feel like fall! I love the fall, wrapping up in blankets, sweater weather, camp fires, you name it! 

I hope you have had a great week! 

Wishing you a wonder filled weekend!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Isabella Santos Foundation 10K for Kids Cancer - September 30, 2017 - Race Recap

My second race in September was the Isabella Santos Foundation 10K for Kids Cancer. 

This is the second time I have run this race and last year it was so powerful I decided I would run it each year that I could with Team Sam!

This race is unlike any other! It’s hard to explain. I always enjoy running a race but this one I am not sure that it’s enjoyable. We always do have a great time, we plan to wear purple, we meet up as a group take a group photo, we smile, laugh, hug, listen to all the great music, get pumped up by the excitement of the crowd and we have fun on the course. 

Every moment of this event though I am reminded of why I am there. Why all of us are there!

I am there because of this amazing couple I know who has this super cool kid Isaiah and his incredible little brother, their youngest son, Sam who has fought Neuroblastoma for many years of his young life. I am reminded of how they live every day in any parent’s worst nightmare. 

Then I look around and see all of these people, all of these children, and behind their smiles and laughter I am just not sure which ones are currently suffering, struggling through and facing their own worst nightmares. 

I am reminded as I run that there isn’t a whole lot that I can do about it either. I am however shown how much all of us, there together as a whole CAN do! 

This race that started as a family fund raiser for Isabella Santos, as she began to fight her battle that she would eventually loose, and raised a few hundred to a few thousands of dollars in its inception. The event this year raised $312,000 toward their $1,000,000 goal!

This is a great race to run, not because of the great course (that is does have) or the great swag (that it does have) or the super cute race medal (that it also does have) but because of what this race, this foundation does. 

 I encourage you to learn more about the Isabella Santos Foundation and find ways that you can help.

Find ways to give back to your community. Share your love of running with a good cause, fundraising race and let your race registration do some good. 

If you are near Charlotte join me here next year, the more runners, the more awareness, the more money that is raised!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Asheville Off Road Series 10K Trail Run - September 10, 2017 – Race Recap

I am a bit behind in getting my race re-caps posted for September and October! Oops! I am going to play a quick game of catch up! ;)

The days lately have quickly become weeks and the weeks have quickly become months.

I actually ended up running two races in September. 

The first was the Asheville Off Road 10K on the beautiful Biltmore Estate Grounds. 

This was my first time running this event and this was certainly my first time seeing much of the Biltmore Property!

I absolutely love the Biltmore Estate. It is one of my very favorite places to visit. It really is magical and I love to walk through this home and imagine what life there must have been like. 

I have been an Ambassador for the Asheville Marathon for the past two years (see coupon codes for special offers) and love running the Half Marathon on the Biltmore Estate. This year two of my running buddies and I signed up for the three races on the property to complete the Royal Trifecta! This included the Asheville Half Marathon in March, the Biltmore Kiwanis 15K in May and then this Asheville Off Road 10K in September. 

It’s was a bit cooler morning than I had first expected but we drove up that morning so I just grabbed a jacket before we headed up the mountain. We live about 45 minutes from Asheville so it was an easy drive. 

We got to Asheville in time to pick up our packets and head on into Biltmore Village. 

I caught up with a few other runner friends and fellow Asheville Marathon Ambassadors at the event too!

The course was AMAZING!!

This was an off road run so true to form we ran on gravel and trail. Some of the areas were gravel roads and others were narrow foot paths, there was a short stint on the paved road too. As with any trail run you always need to pay attention to the path ahead of you to ensure you maintain your footing. 

We bean as the fog began to lift and the sun began to shine. 

We ran along the French Broad River then began the incline up to the house! 

It was fascinating to run through the country side on the Biltmore Estate. The hills were challenging, the scenery was breathtaking and the approach to the house was incredible. I felt so small standing along the back of the Biltmore House looking out across the vast landscape before me. 

The run back down to the finish was equally as breathtaking!

I have not been running for goal times this past year. My pace is a bit slower than it has been in years past and I am ok with that. My goal is to be a runner for life so I am not pushing the limits of my ability right now but rather maintaining a comfortable pace so that I can be sure to be in it for the long run! I finished the 10K in 1:09:19.0. 

After the race we grabbed our race T-Shirt and some replenishing refreshments. This is one of my favorite Race Shirts! It’s so super comfy and I love the color! 

 We hung out after the race for the awards ceremony and received our Trifecta Medals!! They are Gorgeous!! We love bling!!

I would definitely do this race again!! If you enjoy trail runs and exploring places you can’t otherwise see this race is for you!! You will not be disappointed!! This is an experience worth having!

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