Friday, September 8, 2017

High Five for Friday ~ September 8, 2017 ~ Link Up

It's Friday!!! What a week!! 

I was completely knocked on my tush this week! I had a lovely weekend but then Monday I woke up, after having dreamt I swallowed a shattered glass cup, feeling like I had actually swallowed a shattered glass cup! 

My throat was so sore!! I took it easy on Monday, it was Labor Day so it was a lazy day for us anyway. 

I ate spoonfuls of local honey, doubled up on my Juice Plus + (which I have skipped a lot lately...) and went to bed with some NyQuil hoping for the best. I woke up the next morning and it hurt to breath, speak and swallow. I was sure I had Strep Throat. I stayed home from work and went to my doctor Tuesday Morning. My strep test was negative and she said she felt I had a severe sinus infection. I had some pretty significant sinus pressure last week so that explains that. She put me on a good antibiotic and I am starting to feel better. 

The week was not a total loss I do still have a few highlights from the week:

1. Saturday I did get in my 9 mile run!

2. Sunday I enjoyed an early morning walk with a friend.

3. Sunday afternoon Madie came home to celebrate her birthday with family and Tess was in. It was wonderful to have my whole heart together in one place for a bit. 

4. I have been doodling lately this guy. 

He reminds me of my red feathered friend that used to visit me daily and now is more occasionally. 

I think I love him. 

5. I got to have lunch Thursday with these two cuties in from college to pick up a few things. 

How has your week been? Link up and share below:

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