Friday, September 8, 2017

High Five for Friday ~ September 8, 2017 ~ Link Up

It's Friday!!! What a week!! 

I was completely knocked on my tush this week! I had a lovely weekend but then Monday I woke up, after having dreamt I swallowed a shattered glass cup, feeling like I had actually swallowed a shattered glass cup! 

My throat was so sore!! I took it easy on Monday, it was Labor Day so it was a lazy day for us anyway. 

I ate spoonfuls of local honey, doubled up on my Juice Plus + (which I have skipped a lot lately...) and went to bed with some NyQuil hoping for the best. I woke up the next morning and it hurt to breath, speak and swallow. I was sure I had Strep Throat. I stayed home from work and went to my doctor Tuesday Morning. My strep test was negative and she said she felt I had a severe sinus infection. I had some pretty significant sinus pressure last week so that explains that. She put me on a good antibiotic and I am starting to feel better. 

The week was not a total loss I do still have a few highlights from the week:

1. Saturday I did get in my 9 mile run!

2. Sunday I enjoyed an early morning walk with a friend.

3. Sunday afternoon Madie came home to celebrate her birthday with family and Tess was in. It was wonderful to have my whole heart together in one place for a bit. 

4. I have been doodling lately this guy. 

He reminds me of my red feathered friend that used to visit me daily and now is more occasionally. 

I think I love him. 

5. I got to have lunch Thursday with these two cuties in from college to pick up a few things. 

How has your week been? Link up and share below:

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Labor of the Love of Running - A training plan update

It's Labor Day and I am pondering the labor of love of running...

Do you have a love, hate, need relationship with running like I do? I go all over the place with how I am feeling about running. Often.

One day I am never running again and the next day I am signing up for the next half marathon. One day I am too tired to get out of the bed and then the next day I am anxiously awaiting the moment I can hit the road.

My last update was two weeks ago so here is what I have been up to these past couple of weeks. 

My training plan for the last two weeks and the week ahead looks like this:

I am nailing my Monday walks!! I mean not missing a beat! I am however not following very well the rest of my schedule as a result of the aforementioned love hate relationship. 

Monday August 21st I met up with friends for our three mile morning walk.

On Tuesday the 22nd we met at our local track for a great three mile run and followed it up with a one mile walk. It was super skunky out. The skunks were not real pleased with us making so much noise so early in the morning. The entire park reeked of skunk. Truth be told this was probably the motivating factor getting us to run that morning. The faster we ran, the faster we finished and could get back home and away from the stench!

Wednesday the 23rd we met in town and decided to walk 3 miles. 

Thursday the 24th was a no go for me, I was under the weather. 

On Saturday the 26th I had the Kirkwood 5K.

I met up with my running friends early Sunday morning August 27th for an eight mile training run along the greenway. It was a pretty great run! I struggled a bit at the end but I knocked it out! 

We finished with a mile walk. I am LOVING the cool down walk. I added this to my solo 7 mile run as a way to trick my brain a bit or rather reward myself at the end of the run and man oh man I love this reward. I like to zone out when I run and this cool down also gives me the time to chat with my runner friends.

The entire week of August 28th was a bust! I sort of hated running this past week and had decided I would run no more, never again (except for maybe the half marathon and marathon but I was NOT going to train lol). This next week I hope I feel differently. 

Monday the 28th again I nailed the three mile walk (as planned). 

Tuesday I skipped.

 Wednesday the 30th I walked 3 miles with my running buddies again. 

Thursday I skipped. Again.

Saturday September 2nd however I had a great 9 mile training run along the greenway. This long run was a bit slower going overall. I tried to start out and maintain a slower pace so I could go farther nonstop but it didn't quite work out as planned. I ran no intervals for the first six miles but the last three I took several walk breaks. I am trying hard to find that sweet spot pace that I will maintain throughout. I think the 10:40/10:50 for the long run is it for me but I have to zone out. If I start thinking or talking I slow down. I think I get pretty focused on running and could truck along but when I lose that focus it is hard for me to maintain pace. 

We followed that run by a 1 mile "cool down" walk. I should call it the one mile climb straight up hill. I need to plan that better next time lol!

Sunday September 3rd I met up with a runner friend for a three mile walk. 

Just call me a weekend warior at this point. I am doing a great job walking and kicking out long runs but the mid week runs I am not. 

week·end war·ri·or
nounNORTH AMERICANinformal
a person who participates in an activity only on the weekend.

I am going to plan to run this week and am gearing up for the 10K this weekend! Just because a week doesn't go quite according to plan does not mean I will give up on my plan or quit trying. This plan for me is a guide and it is designed to be a flexible and working/living plan. I will adjust my sail and keep moving forward!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Run Happy, 


Friday, September 1, 2017

High Five for Friday ~ September 1, 2017 ~ Link Up

It is always hard for me to write the date on this day. Every time with out fail I first write 9/1/1997....

Today is my oldest daughters birthday and I have written the date 9/1/97 for 20 years. It just comes so naturally now, it is a habit I may never break. Every form that had to be filled out, every visit to the doctors office, etc., etc., this is the date I recited and wrote over and over again. September 1, 1997 is the day my life forever changed and the day I began watching my fragile heart beat outside of my chest. 

This week has been a wonderful week and I am looking forward to a wonderful long Labor Day weekend!! Here are my highs this week:

1. As already mentioned today is Madie's 20th Birthday! It is amazing to me that she is already 20 when it seems just yesterday we sang Barney songs and played pretend. 

2. I went to Greensboro last weekend and completed the Kirkwood 5K with my Birthday Girl! (I also get to see her this weekend after all wooo hooo!!)

3. Saturday afternoon and Sunday I spent the day with Tess! She came home Saturday from college and Sunday I took her back and we spent the day enjoying some retail therapy!!!

4. Sunday morning I met up with several runner girls friends and knocked out a great 8 mile training run followed by a mile cool down walk! I am so thankful for running friends who push me to get in my miles (and sometimes drag me lol).

5. I met up last night with two of my best girl friends for dinner and drinks. All three of us sent our daughters off to college this year. We cried (a lot), we laughed (a lot) and we loved (a lot). I am so thankful for these special friends!!

How has your week been? Any big Labor Day Vacation Plans? Link up below and share you latest or favorite post from the week with me! TGIF!!

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