Friday, August 25, 2017

High Five for Friday ~ August 25, 2017 ~ Link Up

TGIF! Another week has swiftly gone by and I am certainly looking forward to the weekend! Here are my week's highlights:

1. On Sunday we had a kick off meeting for the Night of Light Kick 5K that I direct! It was a great time and very productive. We have some super exciting news for the community coming soon!!

2. Monday was the Solar Eclipse and we were in the path so we had the opportunity to see it. We did not see it in totality but it was about 90%  Interestingly I have read that the solar eclipse brings about or enhances girl power. The feminine moon passes in front of the masculine sun.  I plan to channel this girl power to help me reach my lofty running goals over the next year.

3. Tess had her first day of college and she sent me a first day photo! Made my day! Made my week!

4. I got in a few great morning runs with friends!

5. I got to see Tess this week and I will be seeing Madie tonight! I love these girls sooooo much!

How was your week? Link up and share your highlight or favorite post from the week.

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