Friday, August 18, 2017

High Five for Friday ~ August 18, 2017 ~ Link Up

The day I have been dreading for weeks, months, years has arrived... I am little later posting today as this was the day I took my youngest daughter to college... This is not a day I have waited for with great excitement and anticipation, instead this is the day I have dreaded a bit. It never really occurred to me when I became a mother that all too soon I would be sending them off into the world, that in reality I only had this small moment in time that they would be under my wings. Now they spread their own wings and learn to fly...

18 years have come and gone...

These past couple of weeks have been especially emotional for me. My girls and I are so very close, for many many years it was just the three of us. I have shared a little of our journey before particularly in this post and this one

My highs this week are also a bit different as I have spent a bit more time reflecting on the past.

1. I am so happy that I was able to raise two amazing daughters getting to this point and looking back truly amazes me. I am blessed beyond measure and I would have never dreamt of a life better than this! These girls really are amazing. I told Tess last night that if they hadn't been so wonderful maybe this transition would be easier for me lol!

2.  I am so so proud of Madie and Tess! My daughters are the first in a long long lineage to graduate high school and go straight to a four year university. I grew up visiting my great grandmother who lived in a two room wooded shack on blocks with no running water and an out house. My grandmother, her daughter, did not graduate high school and instead joined the work force to provide for her young family. My dad did graduate high school and joined the Navy and I, as a young mother, also went straight to work to make ends meet and worked my way to a 4 year degree over the course of about ten years. I am so proud of these girls and so proud of my hard working family whose desire to change our family tree led to our lives today.These girls are making my dreams and the dreams of my family come true!

3. I am so proud that for the most part I did this parenting thing on my own. The road was rough and wonderful all at the same time. It was not easy but it was amazing.

4. While I was a single mom for the larger part of their lives I have been so blessed with this amazing village. The saying it takes a village is an understatement. Thinking back and reflecting on all the people that have loved and supported us along our journey is humbling. Of course there was my family who were my steadfast support, my mom who did so much running here and there for me for the girls when I couldn't. I have been blessed with amazing friends who have supported and encouraged me. I found this amazing church family who love my family as their own and a wonderful work family where I was encouraged to grow and found great support and encouragement as well. The list goes on and on.

I could honestly write a book! Our story of overcoming the odds has been remarkable.

5. One of the greatest gifts the girls and I were ever given was my husband. This man came into our lives eight years ago and decided to take on the world with us forever in 2012 when he proposed! He is an amazing man, a wonderful husband and an incredible father. He has shown the three of us what a husband and father should be and has demonstrated to my girls the qualities in which to look for to find and healthy, happy and loving relationship. He does more for us than we deserve. I have never known a love like this!

I am sure sometimes he thinks "what have I gotten myself into" but he loves us so much none the less.

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