Friday, August 11, 2017

High Five for Friday ~ August 11, 2017 ~ Link Up

Happy Friday!! This week has been another busy week! 

We have basically felt like we have been living in a storage facility for about the last month! Boxes galore are everywhere! We have move ins for both girls this coming week. 

Madie will move into her new apartment on Sunday so we will load up and head 2 hours east to deliver her belongings.

Tess will move into her dorm room the follow Friday so we will pack up and head north! By the looks of it you'd think Tess is moving in to the Biltmore House. Where all this stuff will go in her tiny dorm I do not know....

Madie is on the third floor at her new place and Tess on the eighth... These will be my "cross training" days. Lifting and stair climbing lol!

The highlights of this past week for me have been:

1. I had an amazing 6 mile run with great friends on the greenway! Lately and through the summer I have been only running intervals but I have been working on base and trying to build back some endurance! I ran side by side with a super encouraging friend and we rocked 6 miles non stop at an easy conversational pace! I am feeling great and am already almost half way to a half!

2. I had a fun girls night out with my service league facilitating a fund raiser for our Prom Project! The Prom Project provides beautiful prom dresses to any young lady in our community for free! Prom is such a fun and special time in a young girls life and taking the stress and hassle of buying a costly dress out of the equation she can enjoy a her lovely evening!

3. Took a peek into our backyard wild life. These are my favorite moments to see sweet deer and raccoon seeming to have a late night chat <3

4. Got in several great runs with great friends this week! The mornings are getting cooler and less humid and I am LOVING it!!

5. I got signed up for both the Detroit American Home Fitness 5K for the day before the half and for the Isabella Santos Foundation 10K for Kids Cancer this week!

How was your week? Link up and share you favorite blog post from the week:

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