Monday, August 21, 2017

Half Marathon and Marathon Training Update

I have officially started my half marathon/marathon training!! This past week is the first week I have on my schedule. I planned for 9 weeks to train for the Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon and then the 22 weeks after that to train for the Asheville Marathon. I do have several other races mingled in along the way!!

I would normally recomend 12 weeks for half training but I already kind of had a base built up.

This week my plan looked like this:

3 Mile Walk
4 mile run
4 mile run
4 mile run
7 Miles
Cross Train (Hike/Bike/Swim)

I ended up walking 3.7 miles on Monday morning.

On Tuesday morning I ran a 3 mile interval run followed by a 1 mile walk and got in another mile Tuesday evening with my dogs in the woods.

This past week and weekend have been very emotional for me with Tess going off to college so I ended up mostly walking the rest of the week. That said I skipped Wednesday all together and ended up walking 3 miles Thursday morning and 3 miles Friday morning.

I am so thankful for my running friends who showed up for me on these days. More than anything I needed to talk and walk and cry about adjusting to this time of change.

Friday was move in day so we walked a LOT of stairs all day (cross training right?!) so last minute I changed my weekend running plans and elected to sleep in on Saturday.

I slept until 9:30 on Saturday which is unheard of. I am not sure I have ever slept that late before. I also spent half the day in my PJ’s. I did clean house so the day was not a total loss. It was actually kind of nice to not really have any plans or any schedule. My hubby and I enjoyed a date night out to our favorite date night spot in Lake Lure Saturday evening.

Sunday I got up at 6am and headed out for a 7 mile training run at 7am. It was amazing!

I had all these crazy conversations going on inside my head on the way there. I was going to be running long solo for the first time in a long time. I also wanted to run non stop. I have been running intervals mostly for quite some time. Until two weeks ago when a running buddy ran with me non stop for 6 miles and I want to keep going!

My inner pessimist/enabler told me that since my friends weren’t running with me I could just bail on this weekends run and make it up some other time. My inner pessimist/enabler also told me that if I didn’t feel like running non stop I could just do whatever I wanted. I could run three miles, I could just walk, I could do intervals and take as long of a walk break as I wanted to.

I got to the parking lot where I would begin and had decided instead to listen to my inner cheerleader that said you can do this!

I decided I would run out 4 miles and back 3 miles to complete my 7 mile run and then walk 1 last mile back to my car as a cool down. Giving myself that 1 mile walk felt like a reward and it was just the reward I needed!

Throughout my run I kept going a bit faster than I wanted to, I have planned to stay around a 10:40/mile pace but my legs had one speed and I ran at a 10:22/mile pace instead. I kept having to remind my self to slow down. There were a few times where I thought I wanted to stop but I cranked up my music and had a mini dance party on the greenway to get back into the groove.

I ran out just a tad bit more that 4 miles out before turning for the final 3 miles so I actually cooled down on a little over a 1 mile walk. I switched from my gangster rap running play list to a moving meditation podcast for the walk and it was like jumping in the river for a cool down. It was so refreshing and made me focus on all the wonder of the world around me and all the amazing things in my life. For that mile I just felt so in the moment and alive! I highly recommend finding a moving meditation to listen to on a solo walk, it was wonderful!

Even though I went off track a bit mid week I am feeling great about where I am in my training!

Cheers to the start of a new week! May we all remember to wake up each day with an attitude of gratitude and be thankful for the new day!

Grace, peace, love to you,

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