Monday, July 31, 2017

The Mystery of the Top Line Collar

I have been pretty accepting of this issue with my top line collar for years! I have simply thought well, it is what it is. Some things just are and what is the sense is questioning what is.


What is a top line collar you ask? The top line collar is the ridge of your running shoe to surrounds your ankle. 

New Balance has this great Shoe Anatomy Image to identify what it is I am talking about.

Truth be told until Saturday I had no idea what this part of my shoe was called. (I totally googled it.) Calling this the “ankle part of the shoe” or the “ring around the ankle” or better yet the “sometimes to tight, sometimes to loose part that your foot goes in first” just seemed wrong so I learned this part of the shoe is the top line collar. (Now I know #lifetimelearner)

I have an “in” with Brooks now after becoming an “Endorsed Athlete” so I decided it was high time to do some discovery on this little mystery of mine. 

My issue is that within a matter of weeks of running in a new pair of Brooks Ghost I begin to notice wear on this top line collar and within no time they look like they have been chewed by a dog.

(These didn't get worn very much at all)

It really does not affect my feet or ankles at all, I have no visible signs of rubbing anywhere. 

I do not think I supinate when I run and I really really do not think I am kicking myself when I run either. 

(These I just got last July and have not worn them an entire year as for a while I had switched to Nikes)

It really is a mystery. 

It’s not like the problem is a real problem… Does that make sense? It doesn’t physically bother me at all. It causes me no pain, I have no rubbing or blisters, it’s just unfortunate. I love running in Brooks so much that I have just accepted that it is what it is. 

I wish it weren’t, my flat runner pre race photos would be much cuter without chewed looking shoes lol!! 

I reached out to Brooks to see what they think. 

While I am waiting to hear back from Brooks (so there will likely be a Mystery Part 2 post) I reached out to the Run Like A Girl Community that I am in and posed the same question. 

I got soooo many responses. It appears to be an issue with many many others too! 


I also received some comments that are making me think maybe I do have a gait issue..

“Have someone video you in slow motion on the treadmill (from behind and front). It will allow you to see what possibly is happening. It could be a medial whip and your one sneaker maybe brushing your other sneaker caused by a muscle imbalance.” “ You would be surprised what video picks up  😀 you could also be pronating and you medial malleolus can be rubbing.”

“ I was doing this to all of my shoes (I also wear Brooks...Glycerin, Ghost, Launch)... I was literally kicking that part of my shoe, along with my ankle. I ended up experiencing severe IT Band syndrome and after rehab and strengthening for that, it has totally stopped!”

“You are brushing it with the opposite foot. Get that gait in check with some squats and lunges and you will most likely remedy the problem.”

Ohhhh I was totally called out lol!! But this is a great point, I am for sure going to work on squats and lunges, maybe it will do the trick!! 

Stay tuned! I will let you know what Brooks says in the sequel to "The Mystery of the Top Line Collar".

Have you had similar issues?

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