Monday, July 10, 2017

Motivation Monday

It’s Motivation Monday and I have been feeling very motivated lately and excited about my upcoming running plans!

I have found since beginning running that motivation comes and goes. Sometimes I am feeling extremely motivated and other times not so much. 

I began thinking recently that I am most motivated when I have something on the calendar, some goal that I need to meet or some big event that I am looking forward to!

I have recently committed to two big and exciting events! 

I am registered to run the Free Press Detroit International Half Marathon in October!!! I am super excited about that! I will get to travel internationally (into Canada) by foot!!! Woot Woot!! I also decided to complete the America Home Fitness 5K the day before in Detroit! 

The Detroit race weekend will also kick off my training for the biggest event! I have decided to run my very first marathon before I turn 40 and what better event to run than the Asheville Marathon on the Beautiful Biltmore Estate! I think I can, I think I can! 

 As soon as I committed to the idea of both of these races I quickly drafted my training plan. I love the Hal Higdon plans and modify them only slightly to coordinate with my work schedule and thus the best time for me to run! 

I suddenly feel so pumped and ready to kick it into high gear! My next big hurdle will be staying on course with cross training. Honestly this is my least favorite part but I know that it is so so so important and will keep my body in the best condition to endure the miles. 

In addition to putting something on my schedule to motivate me I also need the motivation of my accountability partners, my BRF’s (Best Running Friends). I am not sure I would do any of this without having someone to do it with! 

Right now two of my “Lady Gang” friends, Kathleen and Elizabeth (this was all Kathleen’s idea) are doing Detroit!

 Another BRF Carley is planning to toe the line at the Marathon with me (you can follow along with her journey too at! 

I NEED the support system to push me, encourage me, support me and remind me that I can do it when the self-doubt and discouragement sneak in. 

Another big piece to my motivation puzzle is sleep. I am so guilty of staying up late (especially on Thursday’s in the Fall when all my favorite shows return to ABC). I am an early morning runner so if I wake up and feel still un-rested I am so tempted to bail on my morning run. Sleep will constantly fight with my running mojo so I know this is one area I will need to focus on. A well-rested Deanne is much more likely to stay on track than a sleepy Deanne. 

A few final motivators that work for me are to lay my clothes and gear out the night before a run. That way when I wake up to head out there is no real decision making required. It also allows me to sleep a little more since I don’t need to get up to find anything. All I need to do is get dressed, lace up, grab my gear depending on the distance and go! I also love a little retail therapy, who doesn’t right? I will reward myself with a new pair of Crazy Compression Socks for a special race, a new Skirt Sports Skirt after I meet a mileage or other goal or a new gadget or gear item that I just have to have for the next training cycle. Whatever works right?? LOL!

I am super excited for the next nine months as I train for and complete these big events and some other smaller but not less exciting events sprinkled in too. Stay tuned as I continue to share this journey. 

For myself and anyone else out there training I pray for wonderful miles, no injuries and a fabulous journey to the finish! 

Happy Miles to you!

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