Friday, July 21, 2017

High Five for Friday ~ July 21, 2017

Drum Roll Please....

The highlight of the week is TODAY!!!! Today is my little girls 18th Birthday so first and foremost on this High Five for Friday is:

1. Tess turns 18!!!! It certainly is the highlight of the week although bitter sweet. "Times they are a changin"

We had a fun dinner with family on Wednesday and I have taken the day off today to spend the day with her! She also moves off to school in less than a month!

2. This week I got back my husband's grandmothers ring from being sized down at the jewelers. My sister-in-law gave this ring to me and I am excited to wear it when I wear gold jewelry. It is so dainty and beautiful and the jeweler did a fantastic job shining it up and making it fit me. 

3. Ohhhhhhhh I am super excited to announce that coming soon Juice Plus will be offering a completely vegan Omega blend!!! They should be available this fall.

I have been reading about Omegas and running so I am super excited to add this to my daily Juice Plus routine! 

Simply put running creates stress on our bodies, stress creates inflammation. Chronic inflammation leads to a slew of issues and diseases. Omegas are so so good for joint health, heart health, lung health, etc. 

4. I had a great run, walk and talk with my runner girls last weekend on the greenway followed by a super fun night with them wine tasting at a party!! I am so thankful for this amazing group of women!

5. One of my runner girls loaned me the book Chi Running by Danny Dreyer I am super excited to start reading this book. She has mentioned it to me several times and really feels the method has improved her form. I got to meet Danny Dreyer and hear him speak this past March at the Asheville Marathon Pre-Event Dinner. Danny also leads training programs for the Asheville Events

You can join me in training for the 2018 Asheville Marathon and use my invitation and discount codes to score the best, lowest price, that will be available all year!!

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The offer is only good until July 31st so better hurry!!

Tell me what was good about your week!! Share with me your favorite post of the week by linking up below. TGIF!! Have a happy weekend!!

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