Monday, July 17, 2017

Half Marathon and Marathon Training Prep

Goodness here it is the middle of July and 2017 is already half way over. Crazy!!! Hallmark is counting down to Christmas already this very second!

I am quite a bit behind my mileage goal for the year but I have made some big race commitments in the last couple of months so all hope is not lost.

I will officially begin my half marathon training for the Free Press Detroit International Half Marathon in August and my marathon training for the Asheville Marathon at Biltmore will follow immediately in October but I am starting to get my self geared up for my training season.

 Since I have decided to do this crazy marathon thing I want to be sure that I set my self-up for success as best I can. Even though I have run half marathons I am very aware that a marathon is a totally different experience. 

I do not think I am going to pressure my self on time or set a time goal. At the present I really can not imagine getting to 13.1 (the finish of a half) and have 13.1 more to go! I am really just having not to think about it like that. I will worry less about pace and instead I will focus on staying healthy, injury free and just getting to the finish! I know I can do it!

I plan to start digging deep into my nutrition. I know from half-marathon training that my nutrition will make all the difference. This will be hard because I have my vices…

I need to strengthen my core. The stronger your core when distance running the less likely you are to get certain injuries. Almost every issue from running is directly related to core strength. 

Injury is probably at this point my biggest concern. Injury can significantly impact my training schedule so I have built in time for recovery and I have also put on my schedule self care like foam rolling, stretching, yoga and massages!

Another worry I have is training solo. I know me and I know I won't do it. I have one friend committed to run the same marathon as me thank goodness, another friend who will decide by the end of the month and my other running buddies have told me they can relay with me on the long run days!

I am super excited about what these next several months will hold! I have several races scheduled to finish out this year and have clearly already started working on my goals for next year! 

Be prepared for all things marathon for a while. 

Grace, Peace and Many Happy Miles!

Disclaimer: The memes above were not made by me but rather found through Pinterest

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