Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Charlotte Firecracker 5K Race Recap ~ July 3, 2017

As you know one of my goals for 2017 is to run a race each month! YOU NEED THIS GOAL IN YOUR LIFE!! It has been so much fun!!! Setting out to have some sort of fun each month is pretty great!

For July I decided to run the Charlotte Firecracker 5K again. Elizabeth and I had so much fun there last year we decided we just had to do it again. This year it was just the two of us. It is held the evening before the 4th of July. 

We of course dressed up in red, white and blue and drove down to Charlotte with about an hour to spare. I was soooooo sleepy for some reason so we stopped at a nearby Dunkin Donuts so I could grab a coffee.  We got to the event and grabbed our race tanks and bibs. 

There were already tons of people there and there was a DJ keeping the crowd enthused. 
We soon lined up with all the other racers and were off! This race had 529 finishers so not too big and not too small!

The neighborhood really gets involved and you will see families out on blankets on the lawn cheering on the runners and others houses that go all out with a cheering crowd, sprinklers and chalk art on the road! It is great and a fun race that enhances the patriotic spirit. 

At the finish there is a great participation medal and another big crowd of cheerleaders!

I had hoped to finish this race stronger than I did. Several factors I feel affected my pace, it was a hot July evening, I was already feeling really sleepy before the race and the Saturday before the race I ran down Burkemont Mountain with an elevation drop of 1748 ft so my legs were a bit fatigued. I have however learned to listen to my body and so I let my body guide me on this course. I am not interested in getting injured so I prefer to stay in this for the long run and really enjoy the short runs! 

The race starts at Olde Providence Elementary and ends at Windyrush Country Club and ends with a huge pool party and beer and pizza galore!

As we finished up our post race pizza the sky turned super dark and we headed to the car. It was about a .8 mile walk back to the start line and we did not want to get caught in the looming evening T-Storm. We made it just in time!

We had so much sweaty fun and we would certainly do this one again and again.


Now on to the next!

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