Monday, July 3, 2017

A little March in July... Asheville Half Marathon at Biltmore Estate - March 2017 Race Recap

Ok... Awkward blog post title award goes to.... Ha! I honestly could not come up with anything better. I promise I have not been a slacker, well ok, somewhat of a slacker on providing my updates, but life has been "crazy busy". I actually hate the words "crazy busy" but that's precisely what it has been. 

Spring and summer have been packed full this year as I have been all consumed with Senior Year Shenanigans and goings on with Tess. It has been a very special and emotional time as you know from my last post. I have however held to my goal of racing each month throughout cheering for basketball season, prom, senior pictures, senior awards, senior stuff, graduation and a fabulous trip with my baby girl. More to come on all of that...

In March I ran the Asheville Half Marathon at Biltmore for the second year in a row!! As always I had an amazing time. It was such a great time that I have already made plans to run it again next year!! Maybe next year I will run the marathon! We will see.

This past year I served as a race ambassador and I had so much fun and met some incredible people! As an ambassador my job was to help spread the word, share race news with my social networks and work race expos! How fun is that! It was even more fun to see people at the event that I had signed up at other expos across the state! The running community really is a tight bunch!

Having run the race before I knew what to expect along the route. You can read my detailed account of the race on my last years post here.

This year I trained smart to avoid injury's and I wore the appropriate shoes for this course. It is so important to research the course of a race before you run it to make sure you are properly prepared!

I bettered my time this year by nearly 14 minutes from 2:44:34 in 2016 to 2:30:57.8!

This year my running group decided to dress for the occasion so we ordered Run Now Wine Later T-Shirts from the Butter and Company etsy shop and we wore champagne Sparkle Athletic Skirts! So. Much. Fun.

It was however FREEZING cold so as soon as we took our photo we bundled back up as quick as we could! Actually for the marathon the next day it snowed!!!

My inspiration this year was my friend Crystal from Run With Boys. I met her through being an ambassador, she is a fellow ambassador for the Asheville Marathon. This year shortly after we worked an expo together she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My heart broke for her as I knew her life would be drastically altered. She is a fellow 1996 high school graduate like me and to me this is way too young to have to face Cancer. In October 2016, in honor of her during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I went to have my first baseline mammography.

This incredible woman did not stop moving. I watched her journey through Chemo and Treatments all the while making laps in the parking lot to put in some miles on her running shoes. I am not sure I would be so strong. She is my superhero, she is my inspiration to keep going and to always remember no matter what hardships you may be facing there is someone else who may be facing even more. I look at her and see such a beautiful brave woman and I am honored to know her! She gave me inspiration to push through this half!

Biltmore is the most beautiful backyard in the USA and there is no more beautiful landscape to run than here. I love this course, I love these people and I can not wait to run it again!

Until the next one!

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