Monday, February 20, 2017

Big Game 4 Miler Race Recap - February Race 2017

Oh my gosh did we find a fun February Race!!! All you NC peeps will want to check this one out!!

For February we ran the OS1st Big Game 4 Miler on Super Bowl Sunday, in honor of Super Bowl Sunday. 

The race started and finished at the Carolina Panthers Stadium in Charlotte, NC. 

My daughter Tess, and friends Elizabeth and Kathleen joined me for this one. It was super cold Sunday morning so we bundled up and left super early to get down to Charlotte. Charlotte is only an hour or so away but we needed to get there early to grab our bibs. The email that came out did make it sound like there might be a long line but there wasn't. 

We got a super cute long sleeved black soft Tshirt and a pint glass too!! So cool!!

After getting our goodies we headed back to the car to keep warm until start time. We were parked only a short warm up walk away. We managed to time the return just right with the exact amount of time we needed for a potty break and then we ran right into the start of the race!

I ran this one with Tess and I was so super proud of her she ran the entire thing with no stopping!!! She also has this super steady pace so I am certain that is how she did it. She stayed true to her pace and we finished strong together!! I love running races with her!!! 

The course was great and it was fun seeing all the football attire out there! Of course we choose the Carolina Panthers for our team and we wished they had made it to the Super Bowl! Maybe next year! 

Tess and I ran to finish hand in hand <3 What a fun way to kick off Super Bowl Sunday!

The race medal was awesome! It is now hanging out with it's fellow medals on my wall! 

I highly recommend this race, I would definitely do it again! 

No on to serious training to get ready for March! March will be my first half for the year!

What races have you ran? Any favorites you can recommend? 

Happy Running! 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hot Chocolate 15K Atlanta 2017 Race Recap

My January Race Recap

For my January race I ran the Atlanta Hot Chocolate 15K again this year. It was such a fun race last year and this year my running group decided to run it as well. My daughter Tess and Sister-In-Law Dawn also went and ran the 5K!

Atlanta is about a 4 hour drive so we did book hotel rooms and went down the day before. This is a must to get you packet and race bib!

I was a little underwhelmed by the expo this year. Last year there were more vendors and more photo props. I know that sounds silly but us runners love photo ops!! 

I bought a couple shirts and some Nuun and that was it.

The Hot Chocolate Race gives out a jacket instead of the typical race t-shirt and this year the jacket was great, it even has a hood! I was so excited this year that I got registered early. Last year those who registered early had the Atlanta Skyline embroidered on their jackets. I just knew mine would be embroidered this year but it was not. Womp Womp...

This year the course was changed a bit and the starting line and finish line were too. We stayed at the Double Tree Hotel which was the perfect location. The starting line was outside the front door. 

After the Expo we headed to the hotel to get checked in before dinner. It took about an hour to get to our hotel which was only a couple blocks away. There was a march occurring and the streets were blocked for miles. That isn't something you see everyday and one day will be remembered as a day in the history books so yep we were a part of that (sort of lol).

Once we pulled up to the hotel I was a bit confused, I didn't realize my only parking option was valet but whatever. Thirty Five Bucks and I don't have to worry about my car... Ok! Checked in and then pretty quickly headed out. We also didn't realize there was a big game in Atlanta that same weekend so reservations were hard to come by. No matter we met up with some other hometown friends and went to Max Lager's and had no trouble getting a table! It's so fun to spend time with friends the night before a race!

The hotel experience is one we will not soon forget. That night as we settled in to bed for the evening a group of men, who had a key to our room, attempted to come in. We freaked the freak out I am telling you!!! Apparently the hotel had re-assigned our room. Thank goodness we had flipped the little metal door stop so they were unable to come all the way in. I called the front desk, they apologized it was a "computer glitch" and assured me it wouldn't happen again. We were in our jammies for goodness sake! A bit later, as we were all sound asleep THE SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN!!! This time another group of men with an activated key to our room. WHAT THE WHAT!!??!! I personally nearly had a heart attack! I was freaked out the first time but being woken up that way the second time I was terrified. I of course called back to the desk, received a second apology and a comped hotel room. But still!!! Sheesh! Needless to say non of us probably slept well after that. 

The next morning we were up and at it and at the start line! I love that race, the course is great, a few hills but mostly flat and it is so fun running in the city. I do miss not running by the Ferris Wheel like we did last year but other than that I loved it!

Along the route there were plenty of aid stations and loads of chocolate along the way. Toward the end a group was handing out tissue!!! How awesome is that!! 

The medals this year were wonderful and I thought they did a better job with the after party than last year! Much more space!

I highly recommended the Hot Chocolate 15K Atlanta. I am not 100% sure if I will do it again next year, there are so many other fun races to try out and not nearly enough time! I will be back though for sure one day!

January race CHECK!
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