Monday, January 2, 2017

One Word for the New Year

As I began to think about my first post of the New Year I originally thought I would do a recap of the past year. On second thought I decided that for 2017 I wanted to spend more time looking forward than looking back and so I choose to save the recap for another day and look forward today instead.

I am facing some big changes this year and rather than dread the change, I will become an empty nester as my little Tess will head off to college the summer of 2017, I will look forward to it and prepare for it making it the best experience possible.

Over Christmas as I was baking Christmas Cookies for the first time without my girls and I acknowledged that things were changing and I immediately started to feel sad about it. I then thought of my Nana Mayer, she spent the majority of her years baking those same cookies with no one to bake with her and she found so much joy in it rather than sadness. Change is well change and instead of resisting I have decided to embrace it.

I have thought a lot about my New Year’s resolutions and Goals for 2017. I have been reading a lot about having one word for the year, a word to shape this New Year. When I first began thinking of my word I thought of the word joy. I want to live a joyful year this year but as I found myself deeper in thought the word light became a prominent word that pushed past joy.

Light will be my one word this year.

Here is what says about Light.

Light has so many meanings but my thoughts led to these ideas of how I want Light to be my one word for 2017:

I want to be Light in my own life, I want to have a light air about me, light and happy. I want to find the light in all that I do, have a light mood all year, I want to take things a little more lightly and I want to be light and always cheerful with others as well.

I want to somehow be a light for someone else. Through interactions with others I hope that someone will find their own light. I want to share my light with others.

I want to be light on my feet, light as a runner, injury free, maybe shed the few holiday pounds. I have set my running goals for the year accordingly.

I want to enjoy the light. I love being outside and the more I get out the more light I get. I want to enjoy all the sunlight there is this year!

The goals I have set for 2017 are:

Live my one word - Light

Run 1,000 miles

Complete 12 Races, I already have 9 on the calendar!

Read 12, printed copy, Books, I have a few I know I want to read but I would love suggestions if you have some great recommendations!

I have already started my first book for 2017 but my second I think will be Jon Gordons “One Word” Book to help me on my journey with my first “One Word”. There is also this great One Word Promise.

I love setting new goals for a new year. It feels so deep and meaningful to me. I have filled out my calendar already this year with the word Light and my goals on each page so that I do not have an opportunity to dismiss my intention and purpose for the year.  I look forward to seeing what this New Year brings and how my One Word shapes my year!

Join me and find your One Word for 2017! This is going to be a great year!

Many blessings to you and yours in the New Year! May you have health, happiness and prosperity in 2017!


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