Monday, January 9, 2017

Couch to 5K to Half Marathon – A training update

As you know I spent the months September through December leading a Couch to 5K Program

I love leading this program but while I am running with this group I tend to scale back on my long runs. I like to run long on Saturdays and through this program I run group runs on Saturdays as we work up to the 5K. Now that this 12 week program is over I have begun ramping back up! 

This works out nicely for me as it is perfect timing to begin training for my next half marathon in the spring, the Asheville Half.

I ran 8 miles on January 1st. I will run 9 miles again on the 14th and I will run the Atlanta HotChocolate 15K on the 22nd!!!

It’s so fun to add in some fun races in amongst your training! The Hot Chocolate 15K will be my first event for 2017! I hope it’s a tad bit warmer than it was last year! I am looking forward to a fun girls getaway weekend. I have my entire running group going this time and Tess will run the 5K!

I have enjoyed some great runs around town, on the greenway, at the lake and even on the treadmill! Getting in those miles every way I can!

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