Monday, December 5, 2016

The dark days of running

My running routine has been a little slack these last two months! I have been a busy busy bee and the days are quite short...

We have been working on college applications for Tess; all early applications were due in October. That is like a full time second job. She would be on one computer and me on another working to input the same information over and over again. 

We had lots of family fun at Thanksgiving. 

We have also been busy gearing up for Christmas. 

Tess’s school football team had a great season and went to the playoffs so we had a few more games than expected and no break between football and basketball season. Basketball season is in full swing now already. That is two to three games a week!

My Run for God Group has been going so well and we just ran our 5K on Saturday night!

Did I mention I was also Race Director for that race, the Night of Light 5K, that was held this past Saturday! It was a great event!! So much festive holiday fun!!! We had a great time!!

It has been a whirlwind!

Aside from running with my group training for the 5K I have not been getting out and running as I would like. 

I think these dark days are getting to me! I am not seeing much sun these days since daylight savings time ended! I am at work as the sun comes up and I leave work as the sun is going down. I am feeling a bit tired and lazy and it basically looks like bedtime by the time I am home each evening. On top of that it’s getting colder. I am not surprised that so many people suffer from SAD, Seasonal Affect Disorder, this change is taking me some getting use to this year. We have also had some serious wildfires just down the road from us and our air quality has been seriously impacted. 

In October I got in 74 miles and in November 29 miles. This gives me 698 miles for the year so far with one month to go.

 I look forward to what December holds! I am going to push my self out the door this month and finish the year strong!

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