Wednesday, October 19, 2016

She has a royal heart

As I mentioned earlier this week, fall is in full swing around here. 

It is the season of Friday Night Football and all sorts of fall festivities.

One of these is High School Homecoming. 

My daughter Tess is a high school senior and her senior class mates voted her and eleven other lovely young ladies onto the 2016 Homecoming Court. She was so excited! What a huge honor to be considered for this. 

All of the events leading up to the homecoming game were so much fun! 

There were pictures at the local photography studio. Tess wore a dress that belonged to my mom in the 70’s and pearls that were my Nana’s from the 40’s for her pictures. She was beautiful!

They had a downtown, small town parade that was attended by family and friends.


Sprit week was the week before the game and Tess had the most fun getting creative with her outfits. 

Monday was Merica Monday. Here is Lady Liberty!

Tuesday was Dynamic Duo Day and she and a friend were “Netflix and Chill". 

They had Wild Wednesday and Tess dressed for the Wild Wild West!

Thursday was Hip Hop Hippies and Historians. Tess chose Hippie and couldn’t even count how many hugs she gave out freely!

Finally there was Frat Friday!!

So much fun!

Going into Friday night, the night the Homecoming Queen would be crowned, Tess was a little nervous. Getting dressed and walking out onto the field in front of hundreds of spectators will do that. 

She was also so excited. Again, what a huge honor to be a representative on this court. She felt blessed to be among all these other amazing girls that are also her very dear friends. 

I was nervous and excited for her and all these girls! The game was a great game and at half time the girls lined up. I had Madie video on my phone while I took pictures and I am so glad I did! They announced the Maid of Honor and then a slight pause. Your Patton High School 2016 Homecoming Queen is…. Tess Causby!! 

Oh. My. Gosh. I could not be more proud! I almost cannot articulate exactly how I feel. This little girl of mine has always, always, always, had a heart bigger than the world and how she fits it in her tiny body I have no idea. She loves all people unconditionally, treats everyone with such respect and as though they are her favorite person in the world. 

When I asked her later that evening how she felt she said “I feel blessed.”

“What’s even better”, I said, “is that this shows what a blessing you have actually been to others”. The fact that her entire student body, ninth – twelfth graders, selected her as their home coming queen makes me know that she is so loved and I believe she is so loved because she so loves them! I am so proud of her and so happy for her.

There is nothing quite like the experience of seeing your little girl so happy and proud of herself. 

Yes she is beautiful, but this is not a contest of outward beauty, rather it is one of the beauty within she certainly does have a royal heart made of pure gold.  

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