Monday, October 24, 2016

September miles

September was a busy month. I am almost a month late posting my training update. We had a lot going on around here and I had some minor surgery which set me back a bit in my running. 

Running has become such a part of who I am that I “need” a run or I feel off my game so to speak during the day. The morning of my surgery since I didn’t have to be to the hospital until 10:00 am I decided to head out with my friends for our regular 5am meeting. Now I didn’t exactly run. I was worried I would be thirsty for water if I did I couldn’t eat or drink before surgery so we walked instead. That same morning one of our other friends joined us and she had just had eye surgery two days prior. Runners are committed man!! LOL!

All this said I did manage to get in 63 miles. At the end of September I was at 594 miles in for the year! I am pretty happy about that! While I didn’t meet the schedule I needed to get to 1,000 miles by the end of the year I am already working on my plans for next year. I think I will set a monthly mileage and race goal and see where it gets me! October has been fun and I am enjoying running in the cooler temps! I will be postign my October miles soon!

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