Friday, September 9, 2016

High Five for Friday 9/9/16

It has been a busy short week around here! I am looking forward to the weekend! Here are my top five highlights from this past week:

1. We had a great Friday Night Football Game! I am so proud of Tess; she is Senior Cheer Captain on the Varsity Team!

2. We celebrated Madie's 19th Birthday! It was nice to have her home for the weekend.

3. We had a great Labor Day weekend! We had some lazy days and I got in a few good runs. I enjoyed a walk/run with my beagles on the old farm road.


4. I am reading a new book! I love backpack camping but I can't imagine doing it for 6 months! Any suggestions on my book for October?

5. It is getting super close to pumpkin season!!! Did I mention I love my Juice Plus+!!!

I hope you have had a wonderful week and an een better weekend!!! 


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