Monday, September 19, 2016

Country Road Take Me Home

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend this past weekend. The weather here in North Carolina is sitting on the edge of summer and fall so it’s really nice out, still warm but not ridiculous. The leaves are just starting to fall and so it’s also so pretty out!

Saturday Morning I enjoyed an early two mile run with my Run For God Runners! So much fun and the temperature was perfect!

We attended a Celebration of Life for a very dear family member on Saturday afternoon. It was held deep in the South Mountains at a little old church way back in the woods. The service was beautiful; there was a very touching military honor; perfect words and prayer spoken by another family member and fellowship, storytelling and amazing food with precious family. 

We took some time before the service to visit one of our favorite spots, the Pots. It is so peaceful there and these pots amaze me every time I see them. I wonder how long it has taken to carve out these perfect circles in the stone to create these “pots”. I imagine my Nana Smith finding this place as a young girl and swimming here. I wonder how far they walked to get here. 

Saturday evening we celebrated my uncles 60th Birthday with the other side of my family in town.

Sunday morning I met my running buddies for a fun six miler on the local greenway!

I love weekends like this. Friends + Family + Time Outside = One Happy Girl 

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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