Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Training Update - July in Miles

It's that time again!

I can not believe we are already into August! I also can't believe I already have the September edition of Runner's World... This year is flying by!

We are gearing up for back to school at our house right now! Madie goes back to college on August 14th and Tess starts her senior year at High School on August 29th.

We have a had a great but busy summer and it has been HOT!!! 

I haven’t really been training for anything in particular so I have only put in 61 miles in July! I was hoping for more but I am still so happy with the great miles I have gotten in!!

So far for the year I have 473.9 miles! I think I have resolved that this will not be my year of 1,000 miles but I will be pretty darn close and I will be ramped up to try again in 2017!

I already have more miles in one year logged then ever before!! If you recall in 2013 I ran 254 miles, in 2014 I ran 261 miles and in 2015 I ran 437. Each year since my first mile I have grown in my running and have become a stronger and better runner. I am excited to see where the rest of this year takes me. 

Happy Running!

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