Monday, August 1, 2016


I have a HUGE announcement!!!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!!

Ok so if you know me you know how my story telling goes. I typically have to “set the stage” so to speak.

As so…

I am sure you all are aware by now of all my leg and feet nuisances I have had since beginning my running journey in 2013. I mention it a lot… Therefore you know that I have found by wearing compression socks on my long runs my issues have significantly subsided. I swear by compression. I wear them on long runs to help with circulation and as part of my muscle recovery the week after an event. 

My all-time favorite brand of compression socks is Crazy Compression. I love them for a number of reasons, they are graduated compression and feel AMAZING during my runs, they are made in the USA!! Even better they are made in North Carolina #carolinagirl and the best thing about Crazy Compression is they come in so many super fun colors and styles!! If you are anything like me and most runners are, we do kind of love to coordinate our outfits for our runs and especially events! Crazy Compression has every style, color, design, etc. that you could ever want!

I absolutely love Crazy Compression and my HUGE announcement is that I applied to be an ambassador, because I love them so much, and they choose me!!!!! What what? Woot Woot!!! Yours truly is now a part of the #crazyclan and will be sharing with you my love for the Crazy and bringing you special offers and discounts throughout the year and even some GIVEAWAYS!!! 

Oh. My. Gosh. This is going to be so much fun!! ‪#‎crazycompression‬ ‪#‎usamade‬

Check them out right now, they have a 40% off discount happening now!!


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